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About the Math Department

The Math Department is dedicated to teaching, learning, and exploring mathematics and its applications.

Our department offers courses leading to an Associate of Science degree in Mathematics or to prepare you for other associates degrees at RRCC. The math department emphasizes basic preparation leading to science-related careers. The Mathematics degree also provides basic preparation for those interested in a career of teaching mathematics. Our core courses transfer to Colorado state colleges and universities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the RRCC math department is to provide an affordable and rigorous mathematical foundation to all students in STEM transfer programs as well as any associates degrees at RRCC. We do this by teaching students to think critically and quantitatively in everyday life, by training students to communicate and apply mathematical concepts effectively, and by maintaining high expectations in each course’s content.

Associate of Science: Math Designated Degree

degreeLearn more about this degree here.

Career Paths / Options in Math

  • Actuarial, Business, and Finance:
  • Actuary
  • Applied Mathematician
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Communications Engineer

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Instructor Resources

Math Department Content Drive  Credentials for this are different than other systems on campus.  Please contact if you have any trouble accessing materials.