Navigate Overview

Navigate is one of the primary tools that you will use throughout your experience at Red Rocks. You can use Navigate to schedule appointments, plan classes, register for classes, and much more. For an overview, watch the video below:

Scheduling an Appointment

You can schedule appointments in Navigate to meet with a variety of student services. Follow along with the video below to schedule appointments for academic advising, financial aid, career services, and more:

Planning Classes

You can use Navigate to plan what classes you’d like to enroll in each semester at Red Rocks, whether that’s for a single semester or a few terms. Planning needs to be completed before registering—follow along with the video below to get started!


Registering for Classes

After Planning courses in Navigate, you can register for any semester that’s open for registration. While registering, you can choose specific sections of each course that meet in your preferred time, location, and modality. If you haven’t yet, make sure you’ve Planned what classes you intend to enroll in before registering (see above). If you’re ready to register, follow along with this video 


You can take classes at Red Rocks in a variety of ways, also known as modalities. Options include: Classroom-based, Remote, Online, Hyflex, or Hybrid classes. The video below covers some details that you can expect with each:

Dropping Classes

You may also use Navigate to drop a class if it’s still before the drop deadline of the course. The video below covers how to research drop deadlines for each of your classes, then drop a class in Navigate if needed:

Need accessibility? Contact Accessibility Services at 303-914-6733 or (link sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail) at least one week prior to the event to request disability accommodations.