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FAQs - Expand the headings for more information:


How can I update personal information on my account?

If you need to update your legal name, birthday, or social security number, submit this form:

Need to update an email address or phone number? No form needed – just log into The Rock, and use the Update Personal Info tool to update contact information:

If you have a preferred name that’s not reflected legally, feel free to email a request to update your preferred name to from your Student Email in The Rock. This request must be made through your Student Email address to be considered official. Online classrooms and student tools such as Navigate should update to include your preferred name. Your legal name will still show in The Rock and on official RRCC documents such as transcripts.

How can I change my declared program?

If you need to update your declared program(s):
1.    Log into The Rock at the top of our website.

2.    Click the Student tab on the left side:
 The Rock Dashboard Student

3.    Scroll down to the section titled “My Student Stuff.” Select the option titled “Change my Declared Degree Program”:

My Student Stuff

The deadline to change a declared program of study is listed each semester in our Academic Calendar.
Need to check what program(s) that you have declared? Click the Degree Check icon in The Rock. Your program(s) should be listed just below your name and student number at the top of Degree Check.

I'm having trouble registering - it says I haven't met the prerequisites of a course.  I've earned college credit outside of Red Rocks that should satisfy the requirements.  What can I do?

Submit this form for us to look into your history further. Within the form, upload an unofficial copy of your other transcripts, and identify what classes you're trying to register for at Red Rocks. Our Records team will be able to review your history related to registration requirements and be in touch within 3-5 business days.

Keep in mind that this review is just for registration assistance. If you intend to graduate from Red Rocks and need a transfer credit evaluation, there are additional steps required to request an official evaluation (see the FAQ below on transfer credit).
Need to look up the prerequisites of a class? Prerequisites for all RRCC courses are listed in our catalog.

Additional Notes:
AP or IB classes: submit the same form, but our team will need to review your exam score rather than your transcripts. An unofficial copy or clear picture of an exam score report works great: it just needs to include your full name, name of the exam, and exam score.

STEM class requests (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math classes): STEM courses must have been taken in the last 10 years to be used for prerequisite overrides. If you're trying to use classes older than 10 years in your history to meet prerequisite requirements, you can reach out to the department of the class directly to go over your course history and request. Find the department in our A-Z index first. Once you've accessed the department's website, Contact Information should be listed on the side of their page.

I'm pursuing a program at Red Rocks but have earned college credit outside of RRCC.  Can I see if my classes would transfer in towards my program?

Yes, follow the steps below to request an official evaluation:

1. Verify declared program - First, make sure that you're formally declared under the program(s) that you're pursuing at Red Rocks. We won't be able to transfer in credit towards a program until it's declared. If you do need to change your declared program, see the FAQ on checking/updating declared programs above for more information.

2. Submit evaluation form - Next, submit this form to request an official transcript evaluation. On the form, make sure to include all previous institutions for which you'd like an evaluation. This form is helpful for our Records department to know where we should expect your transcripts or score reports to be sent from. That way, we can get started on the evaluation as soon as we have everything we need, or reach out to you if we're missing something.

3. Send official transcripts - Finally, send official transcripts to Red Rocks from each prior institution that you'd like us to evaluate. For a transfer credit evaluation, official transcripts must be sent to RRCC directly from your prior institution. Reach out to your prior institution if you need help requesting any transcripts from them. For AP scores, send your exam scores directly to RRCC from College Board.
Sending electronic transcripts is usually recommended and can be sent to If needed, official transcripts also can be hand-carried to our Student Records department in a sealed envelope or mailed to the following address:
Student Records, Box 8
Red Rocks Community College
13300 W 6th Ave
Lakewood CO 80228-1255

A lot goes into an official transfer evaluation, so please understand that transfer evaluations can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

If you're trying to register for classes at Red Rocks sooner than that, still follow the steps above to start the official evaluation process early, but also read over the FAQ about assistance with overriding prerequisites for classes above. We can usually review prerequisite override requests to help with registration within 3-5 business days. That way, we can help you register now for your first classes while we continue to work on an official evaluation over the next few weeks.

Already had an evaluation completed but want us to review a course again? Submit this form to request any specific classes on your transcript to be re-evaluated.

I need to update my residency status at Red Rocks (in-state tuition vs. out-of-state tuition).  How can I do this?

Submit a Residency Correction Form.

Have questions about what qualifies you as a resident? Qualified persons and other residency requirements are defined here by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.


Can I request an enrollment verification (or provide a third party access to my education information and/or unofficial transcript)?

Yes, students can log into The Rock and click Student on the left side. Scroll and find the section titled Enrollment Verifications towards the very bottom on the right side. You'll be able to request a printable enrollment verification immediately through National Student Clearinghouse.
Alternatively, you may print out a release of information form. This document requires a physical signature, so it must be printed first, then signed by hand. Then, complete the form, sign, and email it back to It's okay to email the form back as a scan or clear picture.
Third parties requesting verification: Please use the National Student Clearinghouse(hyperlink) to verify student enrollment/degree confirmation.

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 

In a nutshell, students and only students naturally have ownership to their education records. In order for Red Rocks staff to disclose specifics to anyone besides the student, students must submit a permission to release education records form first. This also applies to underage and concurrent enrollment students: students must submit a FERPA release form if they’d like to give consent for Red Rocks staff to release any protected information to their parents/guardians. If a release form is on file, Red Rocks staff may then choose to discuss information to only the parties listed on the form at their discretion. While this form gives consent for Red Rocks to release information to a third party, any action must always be performed by students directly. In other words, only students themselves can register/drop classes, change their declared program, and so forth – no matter if a FERPA release form is on file or not. 

The FERPA release form is located on the Student tab on The Rock in the My Student Stuff box.   Students will need to complete this form and upload their own government issued photo ID or high school student ID. 

There’s a lot to know about FERPA. Feel free to read full details in our catalog here.