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COVID-19 HUB Space Update

The HUB space on the Lakewood campus is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Please see contact information for individual HUB programs at the bottom of this page. All programs will be available remotely!
No passport appointments will be available during this time!

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The HUB prepares students for successful transfer and the future of work through transformative experiences, career development, lifelong learning, and community connections.

What is The HUB?

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The HUB: Center for Engagement and Innovation is an alliance of programs from Instruction and Student Success that seek to advance equity, innovation and engagement. Collectively, our efforts seek to ensure that RRCC's diverse students cultivate skills, experiences and mindsets that will become increasingly critical in the rapidly changing world of work.

Experiences in The HUB

  • Internships
  • STEM engagement
  • Service Learning Courses
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Global & Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Honors Courses, Capstone Projects, & Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Equity Focused Programs & Education
  • Innovation Projects in the IDEA Lab
  • First Year Experience Success Strategies
  • Student Academic Travel
  • And much more…



Programs in HUB Alliance



Explore the Center for Community Engagement in Service Learning at RRCC

The Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (SLC) provides RRCC students with the opportunity to engage with real world problems in order to enrich the student learning experience for the benefit of both the campus and community.

  • Empowers students to be advocates for lasting social change
  • Facilitates addressing current community issues
  • Support for connecting classes with community partners
  • Develops civic responsibility through active community involvement

Explore the Center for Inclusion & Diversity at RRCC

The Center for Inclusion and Diversity strives to create a climate of inclusion where students, faculty, and staff are supported and empowered in their personal journeys.  Through equity in access, developmental opportunities, and holistic education, we will prepare all members of the RRCC community to actively engage in an increasingly diverse and global society.

  • Training Opportunities
  • Social justice oriented programs and workshops
  • LGBTQ Center
  • Diversity Council

Explore the Entrepreneur Center at RRCC

The Entrepreneur Center builds on entrepreneurship skills and links students with the community resources that fuel entrepreneurship and business enterprise ownership.

  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Small Business development and Start-Up Certificate
  • Small Business Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Community and Market/Industry Resources

Explore Internships at RRCC

Experiential Learning and Internships provide an opportunity to learn through different experiences. These experiences can help you learn more about the workplace and what you want to do after graduation, in addition to giving you the experience and skills to add to your resume and make you more marketable in the job market.

  • Internships
  • Informational Interviews
  • Job Shadowing
  • Volunteering

Explore the First Year Experience at RRCC

First Year Experience (FYE) is a set of programs, events, services & people that support students in their first year of college to help them be more successful both academically and personally during their transition into college.

  • Explore Study & Success Strategies
  • Connect to Campus Resources
  • Encourage Campus-Wide Engagement
  • “Master the Maze” known as College

Explore the IDEA Lab at RRCC

The IDEA Lab prepares students to become problem-solvers of the future with multidisciplinary and self-directed learning, making and doing, and career connections. Partnerships with industry and community organizations provide opportunities for students to apply engineering, design, technology, media, creativity, and innovation to real world projects in the Lab.

  • Opportunities to gain real world experience in engineering and technology projects
  • Hands-on workshops in engineering, making and doing
  • Membership to Lab for access to maker and collaboration spaces
  • Introduction to Design and Engineering Applications (transfer) class

Explore International Student Services & Programs at RRCC

International Student Services & Programs recruits, admits, advises, and provides information for all current and prospective international students, non-native English speakers, and US students interested in expanding their global experiences.

  • Immigration
  • English Student Learning (ESL) and Continuing Education/Non-Credit courses
  • Advising and Admissions
  • International student mentoring
  • Programing and Co-Curricular Activities
  • Study Abroad assistance
  • Student Academic Travel
  • Passport Assistance

Explore the Trefny Honors Program at RRCC

The Trefny Honors Program at RRCC provides exceptional learning opportunities through interdisciplinary education and problem-solving experiences for a community of scholars in order to prepare them to be leaders in a global community.

  • Creating a community of scholars
  • Integrating real world issues across the curriculum
  • Cultivating creative problem solving skills
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Internships and service learning

Hub Contacts

The HUB & IDEA Lab
Liz Cox
The HUB: Center for Engagment & Innovation Director

HUB Navigator
Danea Fidler
Hub Main Desk

Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning
Wendy Bird • Kristen Aslan
Service Learning Center Coordinators
Room 1252

Center for Inclusion & Diversity
Amanda Mathew
Interim Director of Inclusion & Diversity
Inclusion & Diversity Program Coordinator
Room 1251

Entrepreneur Center
Donna Armelino
Entrepreneur Center Coordinator
Room 1247

Internship Coordinator
Room 1255

First Year Experience (FYE)
Dana Kobold
First Year Experience Coordinator
Room 1253

Trefny Honors Program
Barbra Sobhani
Honors Program Coordinator
Room 1523

International Student Services & Programs
Linda Yazdani
Director of ISS&P
Room 1231