Advising and Intern Information for Students

Degree Designations

If you intend on completing one of our business degrees or certificates, have you officially declared your major in the Advising Office yet? This will assure that you stay on track with your degree requirement and graduate according to your timeframe and expectations.

Designate your specific business degree today by stopping by the Advising offices on the main floor and request a "Demographic Change" form to declare your major.

Business Electives

Not sure about what courses fulfill this section of your degree program? Students who are seeking any of the Accounting or Business Degrees/Certificates can take any class beginning with the BUS, MAN, MAR, or SBM prefix as listed in the catalog. 

Some common classes that are both interesting and achieve this goal include: MAN224 Leadership; MAR220 Advertising; MAR240 International Marketing; and MAN215 Organizational Behavior. Several of these elective courses will transfer to private universities under their transfer agreements. Check with a Business Faculty member about schedule listings or any other questions you may have regarding courses that meet the Business Electives component of your program, or about transfer potential.

Student Internships

Get linked in to the business community with an RRCC employment internship. Many of our internships provide practical work experience and course credit. Check with the Student Employment office, or go to Student Internships by clicking here.

Success Stories

Tricia back to school at 49

Tim-Business Major-Beekeeper

Back to School at 49

“I have met some amazing students and instructors that have been a true impact with my choice of career… You see, I was 49 when I decided to go back to school!” (More.)

-Tricia Gilbert, RRCC Student(First year as real estate broker has had over $1 million in sales.)

Get Your Business Buzzing

"Through RRCC, I’ve developed critical thinking skills and a strong business foundation that have been invaluable in the operations of my businesses.” (More.)

-Timothy Johnson, former RRCC Student, Owner of Busy Bee Enterprises and Circle J Ranch