About The Program


Trefny Honors is a two-year Honors Program, with an emphasis on exploring global and community-focused wicked problems.

What Honors Does

The Honors Program at RRCC provides exceptional learning opportunities through interdisciplinary education and problem-solving experiences for a community of scholars in order to prepare them to be leaders in a global community.

Program benefits

  • Scholarships
  • Honors coursework
  • Honors capstone project
  • Priority registration
  • Honors advising and mentoring
  • Honors retreat, field trips/workshops
  • Experiential learning emphasis
  • Honors designation at graduation

Honors is very student-driven, and we examine Wicked Problems like climate change.
What do current Scholars want to learn more about?

Program Requirements

In order to graduate as an Honors Scholar, must maintain a 3.5 GPA, participate in Honors events, participate in one Honors Poster Session/panel discussion/professional conference, complete service learning hours, and complete a minimum of 18 honors credits.

A student accepted into the Honors program will receive a scholarship each semester as long they remain in good standing and are making progress toward their degree.

A student who completes the Honors Program will be recognized at graduation as an Honors Scholar.

If a student participates in honors classes and/or acquires honors option credits but is unable to complete the total requirements to graduate as an Honors Scholar, those credits will still appear on their transcript as Honors work.

Program competencies and learning outcomes:

Intellectual Inquiry/Research Skills

Demonstrate the ability to design, plan, and execute an original research or creative capstone project in the appropriate discipline or interdisciplinary field that would meet professional standards in the field.

Effectively communicate the methods, techniques, and findings of their original research or creative capstone project to a wide variety of audiences, building competence and confidence along the way.


Apply the tools (methodologies/content/skills) of multiple disciplines to analyze and/or solve complex issues and problems and their impacts to various regions, populations, and communities as well as the environment.

Demonstrate the flexible thinking required in integrative learning environments.

Work collaboratively with persons from different fields of specialization in diverse, cross-disciplinary teams to analyze and/or solve applied, real-world issues and problems.


Demonstrate leadership skills (organization and planning, communication, delegation) by having taken one or more leadership roles in Honors curricular or co-curricular activities.

Be open to engage w/ opportunities to discuss experiences with other Scholars, RRCC students, and community members.

Civic and Global Learning

Demonstrate civic and global responsibility through informed and engaged participation in community service and/or service-learning projects, and course materials.

Engage in interdisciplinary research and projects that are student-driven and motivated by their cultural experiences or by the needs in their community.

Attend/assist with collaborative interdepartmental events and initiatives to learn about and serve our collective college community.