Class Scheduling Options

We still have class options available for Spring 2022

View the list here: Online, Weekend, and Hybrid/Accelerated options

RRCC Online: You don't need to come to campus

RRCC Online Classes provide Red Rocks students with the opportunity to take classes from home. Students log in to a dedicated server and ask questions of their teachers, share information with fellow students, and complete reading assignments, homework, and tests.

Hybrid: Part online, part in the classroom

Often called the “best of both worlds,” Hybrid Classes are a mix of methodologies. Often students spend part of their time in the classroom and part of their time online. In other classes, time may be spent in a lab and working from home.

Remote: Online and remote learning

The course will meet online synchronously (the day(s) of the week will be published in the schedule of classes). Instructors and students log-in on specific days and times for class.  Remote classes should meet during the scheduled times.  There is no on-campus presence.  Accurately scheduling courses and seat time equivalencies is required for accreditation.

Accelerated: Compress your class time

When your schedule doesn’t permit a 15-week class, try one of our Accelerated Classes. From 10 weeks, to 1 weekend, you’ll find a variety of classes to meet your scheduling needs. Be sure to check out Weekend Classes for other accelerated options.

Weekend: Weekends only

Need to go to school only on weekends? Check out our Weekend Classes course listing of the variety classes available beginning Fridays at 5:00 pm through Sunday. Most weekend classes are also accelerated.

Learning Communities: Link two related courses into one

Learning Communities are two courses blended into one longer one. It is a convenient and interesting approach where objectives from two areas are blended to compliment one another. Learning Communities are not always offered each semester.

Traditional: Participate with others traditionally in a classroom

Traditional classes give the student a chance to participate in lectures and discussions. It provides the student an opportunity to develop relationships with fellow students and instructors. Want a list of our latest courses? Check our schedule and catalog.