Class Scheduling Options

Late Start Classes | Spring 2023

We still have class options available for Spring 2023.  View the list of class options: Online, Weekend, and Hybrid/Accelerated options.

Class Scheduling Options at Red Rocks Community College



Your Student Experience:  When your schedule doesn’t permit a 15-week class, try one of our Accelerated classes. From 10 weeks to 1 weekend, you’ll find a variety of classes to meet your scheduling needs.
Learn more about Accelerated Classes.

Classroom Based

Your Student Experience:  Class meetings are on-site and in-person. Want a list of our latest courses? 
View our Classroom Based Classes.


Your Student Experience: Class will have some live in-person components, and some on-line components.  Percentage of online versus in-person can vary by class. 


Your Student Experience:  A highly flexible experience where the course is delivered entirely remotely in real-time, entirely in person in real-time, or a combination of the two.

Learning Communities

Your Student Experience:  Link two related courses into one student learning experience. 
Learn more about Learning Communities.


Your Student Experience: Class will be taught in real-time, with 100% remote delivery at pre-determined times. There is no scheduled in person attendance. Class will be 100% real-time live meetings delivered remotely via technology.


Your Student Experience:  Need to go to school only on weekends? classes are available beginning Fridays at 5:00 pm through Sunday. Most weekend classes are also accelerated.