Our Mission


We envision Red Rocks as a national and international leader in community college education that is recognized for accomplishments of our students’ goals, engagement with our community, empowerment in our workplace, and commitment to our values.


Our mission is to provide students with opportunities for growth and development that set the foundation for self-directed learning, academic achievement, and career accomplishment. We do this through high quality innovative educational programs that convey our passion for learning, our commitment to excellence, our dedication to our students, and the communities we serve.


Red Rocks Community College values Integrity. This value is expressed when we:

  • Are in compliance with legal and professional standards.
  • Exhibit honesty, fairness, and ethical behavior.
  • Take responsibility for our work and are accountable to our internal and external stakeholders.
  • Are transparent in our goals and methods.
  • Care about the quality of our work, and actively pursue innovation and efficiency in what we do.

Red Rocks Community College values Collaboration. This value is expressed when we:

  • Strive to create a supportive environment for our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Work together outside of our immediate unit or division to improve student academic success and development.
  • Demonstrate that we value people, especially students and our co-workers, in our working relationships.
  • Engage in teamwork that is based on trust, empowerment, and respect.

Red Rocks Community College values Learning. This value is expressed when we:

  • Demonstrate a passion for life-long learning and develop this in our students and community.
  • Create learning opportunities for our current and future students through community involvement and connection with external stakeholders.
  • Dedicate ourselves to scholarship and professionalism that creates innovative and creative learning environments for students, community, and ourselves.
  • Develop and deliver engaging learning opportunities that promote student growth as a whole person; intellectually, through their career, and through the development of personal abilities such as adaptability and initiative.

Red Rocks Community College values Inclusiveness. This value is expressed when we:

  • Develop procedures and programs that weave diversity throughout the daily work of the college.
  • Demonstrate respect for differences among students and within the community in all we do as a college.
  • Expect students to share that same respect and communicate that expectation to them often, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Develop our students’ and our own abilities to recognize and engage with human differences through understanding and inclusion rather than withdrawal and exclusion.

Red Rocks Community College values Communication. This value is expressed when we:

  • Practice meaningful, considerate communication with our students and with each other.
  • Whenever possible seek opportunities for an unconstrained exchange of information and ideas through dialogue that is timely, respectful, and appreciative of others.
  • Give appropriate feedback in a way that makes room for others’ perspectives and encourages rather than constrains continuing dialogue.
  • Purposefully build our ability to communicate effectively as part of working and learning with others.

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