Community Partner Program (CPP)


This is the Community Partner Program (CPP) Website to get important information regarding events, services, and announcements specific to COSI scholars. 

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What is the Community Partner Program?

The Community Partner Program (CPP) at Red Rocks Community College provides support services to COSI Scholars with a focus on supporting students in overcoming Academic, Social, and Institutional challenges and barriers, which may hinder their progress through their educational career. 

Services exclusive to COSI scholars:

  • Success Coaching
  • One on One Check-ins
  • Course Planning
  • College Literacy workshops
  • Connect participants with RRCC campus departments
  • Financial Aid assistance and FAFSA Completion workshops
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Search information
  • Engagement Events (Check Event Calendar)

Program Requirements:

COSI scholars need to meet with Community Partner Program Coordinator, Ellie Ponce once per semester.

Who is considered a COSI Scholar?

COSI scholars are students who earned the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship (COSI), the COSI Matching Scholarship (MSS),the Second Chance Scholarship (SCS) or the Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges scholarship (FCCC). 

RRCC students can apply for COSI funds throughout the Red Rocks Community College Foundation Scholarship Application. That doesn’t necessarily mean the will receive the funds but they are added to the potential pool of recipients, which streamlines the application process.  

Participants will be notified by the Red Rocks Foundation Department if they are COSI Scholars or COSI Matching Students.

For more information, please contact:

Ellie Ponce, Community Partner Program Manager
Office: 303-914-6129 | Cell: 303-495-8346

Set up appointment with Ellie Ponce 

Summer Hours/Availability:

Monday to Friday available remotely 9am-5pm
Tuesday through Friday at Lakewood campus 9am-5pm Room #1124
If these times do not work for you, email me so that we can set a different time.