Tamron EDU Feature Article: A Look at VAMA Department Chair, Paul Weinrauch

The Visual Arts, Media Arts Program at Colorado’s Red Rocks Community College shifts to stay relevant -- Here’s how it happened.

More than two decades ago, Paul Weinrauch sold all his material goods, packed his bags, and traveled the US with his camera, capturing the beauty of America along the way. That marked his full-fledged entry into photography, which eventually led to a career in wedding and architectural photography, then advertising and corporate work.  

But Paul always knew he wanted to move into teaching, and he first dipped his feet in those educational waters as an adjunct instructor at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewoood, Colorado. “Then, almost three years ago, I decided to make the leap and go full time” at Red Rocks, where he now heads up the Visual Arts Media Department, overseeing students who study videography and film, journalism, graphic design, UI UX, and simulation and game design, photography, among other subjects. 

Tamron talked to Paul about his goals for the program, what he wants students to get out of it, and the big changes he’s spurred so far.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022