Campus Safety Advisory Committee

About the RRCC Campus Safety Advisory Committee

The RRCC Campus Safety Advisory Committee's mission is to advance social equity and ensure equitable treatment of systemically non-dominant groups by ensuring dialogue and identifying opportunities for collaboration involving Campus Policing and public safety. The committee is comprised of representatives for Faculty, Staff and Students to proactively address issues that impact the safety and quality of life for all members of the Red Rocks Campus community.

The RRCC Campus Safety Advisory Committee has been charged with the following:

  • To create a reporting mechanism, available to all RRCC community members to express any concerns. Submissions will be received by the Chair/s of the RRCC Campus Safety Advisory Committee.
  • To help the RRCC community understand and inquire about the role, missions and contributions of the Campus Police Department.
  • To Solicit input Collegewide regarding public perceptions of Campus Police, programs, and campus safety, through periodic town hall meetings or other venues in order to make recommendations.
  • To advise and make recommendations to the College President regarding safety services to the College community.
  • To identify and support continued opportunities and actions for the RRCC Campus Police Department to fulfill its inclusivity and anti-racism commitments.
  • To advance transparency and accountability of the RRCC Campus Police Department operations and performance.
  • To serve as a two-way liaison between the RRCC Campus Police and the greater College community.

The RRCC Campus Safety Advisory Committee has set the following goals and outcomes:

  • Create transparency through open discussion on policymaking and accountability.
  • Build trust and communication.
  • Provide opportunities for Students, Faculty and Staff to be involved in shaping the vision for Campus Policing and public safety at RRCC.
  • Provide input on College community focused and College community oriented safety.

Safety Advisory Committee Members

Committee Chairs

Loretta Tafoya, Police Services Manager

Jacqui Oakley, Human Resources Manager

Student Affairs

Dr. Armando Burciaga, Dean of Students/Behavioral Intervention Team 

Jean Kelly, Director of Accessibility Services

Stacy Roe, Coordinator - Interpreter 

Anthony Schaller, Interim Chief of Police

VACANT, International Student Services

VACANT, Veteran and Military Services 

Jen Macken, Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Holly Porter, Behavioral Health Counselor

VACANT, Equity and Inclusion Council 

Academic Affairs

Tommy Williams, Director of the Law Enforcement Academy

VACANT, Faculty 

Kyle Kelly, Adjunct Faculty - Psychology

VACANT - Adjunct Facluty 

Business Services/Facilities 

Bobby Asher, Grounds 

Student Members




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