Philosophy and Purpose

We want the best for our family-learning, safety, love and joy!


Our mission is to:

  • Support children as they learn about and explore their own uniqueness and the world in which they live.
  • We offer rich experiences in a respectful, safe, and caring learning environment.
  •  Nurturing relationships are fostered between children, staff and families.
  • Families are empowered as experts of their children and as their first teachers
  • Provide a demonstration/lab site.
  • Act as a beacon for the community by modeling high quality early care and education.


We believe:

  • Children learn through play and discovery

We provide for learning by assuring the environment is rich in appropriate materials that nurture exploration and growth in creativity, imagination, physical skills, language, literacy, math, science, the arts, dramatic play, and social skills. We encourage growth by using careful observation of children,

  • In empowering the growth of each child
  • by using careful observation of children as the basis for communication and interactions with children, for planning based on the interests and uniqueness of each child, and to foster communication and connections with families
  • by assigning children to primary caregivers and ensuring continuity of care
  • through warm, attuned interactions between adults and children
  • through well-planned and thought-out daily schedules, transitions, activities and environments
  • in building community with our families

Building relationships provides a strong foundation for community, learning and personal growth. We nurture relationships by connecting with children, families and each other on informal, personal levels, and taking time for reflective practice. We know that each child, family and staff member is unique. We respect that uniqueness by listening carefully, communicating clearly, encouraging growth, exploration and risk-taking, and by being patient.


We believe that, in order to provide high quality child care, our teachers must be well educated and trained in the field of early childhood. Each of our classroom teachers is required to be director qualified within 2 years of employment. This requires that teaching staff have twice the number of early childhood classes than are required by the State of Colorado.

"Even before she was speaking, my daughter would come home with the tale of a well-spent day written on her face -- the daub of purple paint behind her ear telling it as clearly as her smile or bouncy steps. These days the after-school stories come fast and easily, revolving around the names of her teachers and friends, and all the activities that filled their hours. The exceptional facility at RRCC, the deeply personal care of the staff, and the warm environment seem to make each child feel important and valued; and the overarching philosophies that drive the Center's mission dovetail with what we want for our child. We feel so fortunate she has found a social and educational cornerstone here, something she can build the rest of her life upon."

-Rob, RRCC Children's Center parent