Philosophy and Purpose

Nurturing relationship through acceptance and partnerships


Our mission is to:

  • Offer rich experiences in a respectful, safe, and caring learning environment.
  • Empower families as the experts of their children and as their first teachers
  • Support children as they learn about and explore their own uniqueness and the world in which they live.
  • Act as a beacon for the community we serve by modeling high quality early care and education.
  • Provide a demonstration/lab site.


  • The Children’s Center philosophy is based on a belief that children of all abilities benefit from an inclusive environment, emphasizing acceptance of individual differences and ability levels. For children with special needs, inclusion facilitates developmental progress by exposure to role modeling of social, language, and physical skills through interactions with typically developing peers. We also believe that the typically developing children gain solid interpersonal skills, including self-confidence, acceptance, empathy, and communication. Inclusion allows all children to relate and interact with peers in play and daily routines, engaging in experiences that promote the development of self-help skills, self-control, and the understanding that others have different backgrounds and perspectives than themselves.
  • In building community with our families

Building relationships provides a strong foundation for community, learning and personal growth. We nurture relationships by connecting with children, families and each other on informal, personal levels, and taking time for reflective practice.  We know that each child, family and staff member is unique.  We respect that uniqueness by listening carefully, communicating clearly, encouraging growth, exploration and risk-taking, and by being patient.



The quality of the program is due to the quality of the staff. It is vital to attract staff that is experienced and knowledgeable in the field of early childhood. Each classroom is staffed with full-time teachers. Additional part-time staff float between rooms to offer additional support or coverage where needed.