RRCC Commencement Information

Please read below and fill out the following form for Spring 2020 Graduation options.

Graduation Ceremony Options


On behalf of Dr. Michele Haney, President

RRCC Students,

The disruption of the spring semester by the global COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted one of Red Rocks Community College’s most cherished traditions: our Spring commencement. The commencement ceremony marks the culmination of a student’s time on campus and celebrates an important milestone.

Red Rocks does not want the achievements of our students to go unheralded. Therefore, we will honor and recognize these accomplishments with a virtual celebration.

In lieu of the originally scheduled commencement ceremony on May 16, Red Rocks will conduct a virtual ceremony to recognize the achievements of the 2020 spring graduates. This web-based ceremony will include remarks by President Haney and other Red Rocks faculty, staff, and students along with an opportunity for students to submit photos and thank you cards for virtual ceremony recognition.  In addition, each graduate will receive a commencement program book and 50th anniversary diploma cover. Diplomas will be mailed to graduates during the summer.

Red Rocks recognizes that the pandemic has touched every aspect of life and that this is not the commencement that graduates, their families, and their friends were looking forward to. All of us at RRCC hope that this virtual plan will allow graduates to celebrate their great achievements at Red Rocks during this extraordinary time in history.

Those students who have completed the Application for Graduation will receive additional information about these alternate commencement plans.

This update is also available on the Commencement website and the College’s COVID-19 website.

If you have any questions about graduation please contact Carla Plucknett at  Carla.Plucknett@rrcc.edu or Student.Records@rrcc.edu.

Thank you for your understanding. This is very disappointing for all of us.


Please note:  Spring 2020 Graduates are being given the option of participating in the Spring 2021 Ceremony.  Your name will not be listed in the Spring 2021 Program, but we can send you the Spring 2020 Program with your name included.

Regarding Cap and Gown and Regalia Returns or Purchases:

Barnes & Noble as a company has officially closed all stores (including the RRCC Bookstore) through April 11th (and probably later). We and the Arvada Campus are closed through that time as well.

  1. In-store prepaid cap and gowns will be fully refundable. The customer will have to physically come into the store to get a full refund. This, however, cannot be done until we are open for business, which again, the soonest will be April 11th. This date could change depending on the severity of the pandemic.  Please check to make sure the Bookstore has re-opened.
  2. Announcements are fully refundable.
  1. Online Web Site caps and gown prepayments are fully refundable. Herff Jones, our provider for regalia, caps and gowns will start issuing refunds for unwanted caps and gowns April 13th for those who no longer want them.

The Bookstore is getting requests from graduates who still want caps and gowns for home ceremonies. You can still order regalia, caps and gowns through the website on the Graduation web page, for an end of April pick up at the Bookstore.


We are no longer accepting applications for Spring 2020.  The deadline has passed.

We are accepting applications for Summer 2020.  The deadline for Summer applications is June 9th.


Nominate an Outstanding Grad

Nominations for Outstanding Graduate will be accepted from faculty, staff or current students, including self-nominations. To nominate a student, complete the online form here. Nomination Deadline: April 10, 2020

Grad Zone Event

Order caps and gowns; sign up for Commencement seating; receive a discount on Graduation Announcements; get info regarding PTK regalia; meet with Financial Aid and Cashier's Office; obtain a bookstore discount card for RRCC imprinted apparel of gift items; sign up for the raffle to win RRCC gear.

Date:  Completed for Spring 2020, Spring 2021 (TBD)

Location:  Outside Bookstore, West End

For those who cannot attend the Grad Zone Event, caps and gowns can be ordered through the Bookstore through March 20th (order before this deadline to get the promotional discount).  Extra miscellaneous sizes will be ordered and sold through the Bookstore at the end of April and early May for those who miss the ordering deadline.

Cap & Gown

For information regarding graduation cap and gown, announcements, and other mementos please visit the RRCC Bookstore or the Herff Jones ordering website for easy ordering before (March 20th). At the end of April the RRCC Bookstore will have a limited stock of various cap and gown sizes, so order your caps and gowns by (March 20th) to ensure you get the size you need.  Miscellaneous sizes will be available for purchase in the Bookstore after late April.

Cap & Gown Cost:

$45.00 (approximate) - Contact the RRCC Bookstore for further details at 303.914.6232


Date: May 16, 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Grads meet in the Recreation Center Gymnasium, then march to the Outdoor pavilion/multi-purpose field located north of the east parking lot (map)

Seating Sign-Up (for Graduates Only)

All graduates participating in the Commencement ceremony must sign-up for seating.  Reservations will begin in January 2020. Please contact Carla Plucknett by May 13th for your reservation (phone: 303.914.6496, room 1219, behind Admissions, Monday-Thursday 9:30 am to 6 pm and Friday 9am-5pm). Necessary information: First and Last Name, Student Number, the semester of graduation and a contact Phone Number.

Guest seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on the date of the ceremony.

Disability needsGraduates or their guests requesting accommodations for disabilities should contact Accessibility Services at least 72 hours prior to the event. Please call 303.914.6733. Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request for guests with disabilities. Seating in this area will be limited to the disabled person and two guests.


Rehearsal for grads marching in the ceremony will be from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Friday, May 15, 2020. Meet at the Recreation Center Gymnasium.


  1. All lots will be open.

  2. Handicapped parking spots will be designated in the East lot and the short-term parking.

  3. The entrance to the East lot will be closed when it is full.

Arrival Time and Location

  1. Assemble in two columns in the RRCC Recreation Center Gymnasium.

  2. Be in line, dressed in cap and gown, between 9:30 and 9:45 a.m.

  3. Please do not arrive before 9:00 a.m. as we will still be preparing for the ceremony.


  1. Required Commencement attire is cap and gown, no exceptions.
  2. Appropriate cap adornments will be allowed, as well as Honors, Veterans, and Phi Theta Kappa recognition. PTK members wear both the red and gold tassels (gold alone is for a Ph.D. degree).
  3. Make sure the tassel is securely fastened under the button on your cap.
  4. Tassel should be worn to the right. During the ceremony, you will be instructed when to move it to the left.
  5. Bobby pins can be helpful to keep your cap in place.
  6. You will be walking on grass, please consider that when you choose your footwear.

Cumulative GPA Honors Students

All Cumulative GPA Honors Recognition graduates participating in the ceremony can be awarded a medallion. To qualify your cumulative G.P.A. must be 3.85 or higher and completing the requirements for any degree or completing the requirements for a certificate program at Red Rocks Community College that requires at least 30 credits.  Students who are graduating with multiple degrees will be issued only one medallion.  The medallion can be worn for multiple graduation ceremonies.  Medallions are available at Student Records the week of the ceremony, at the Rehearsal, and the morning of the Ceremony and can be worn on your gown. Please note:  PTK and Honors Recognition are two separate entities. Honors Graduates will be noted in the Commencement Program.

Honors Program Students


Family Members and Guests -- Seating and Photos

  1. At least the first ten rows of the center section are reserved for graduates.
  2. Designated handicapped seating is available on the left (east) side of the seating area
  3. Two rows on the right (west) side of the seating area are reserved for VIPs.
  4. All other seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests may also sit on the lawn, but need to remain behind the lines marked on the field. PLEASE ask your guests not to arrive prior to 9:00 a.m. as we will still be preparing for the ceremony.
  5. The area immediately around the graduate seating must be kept clear. Family members/guests who wish to take photos of grads receiving their diplomas MUST use the designated area to the right of the stage. PLEASE ask your guests to be considerate of others and walk behind the audience to this area.
  6. Standing or sitting in the aisles is not permitted.

Photo/Name Cards

You will receive a card for your personal information.  You must have this card with you during the ceremony and give it to the narrator as you move on stage. The narrator will use the card to announce your name as you receive your diploma cover. Please write clearly and include a phonetic spelling, if needed.


An interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing will be on stage, on the left side (from the point of view of the seated graduates).


There will be a number of temporary restrooms set up in various locations near the Pavilion.  As well, Grads and guests can use the restrooms in the East Wing of the building and the Rec Center.


  1. Diplomas are not issued at the ceremony. You will be receiving a padded diploma cover when you cross the stage.
  2. Spring 2020 diplomas and certificates will be mailed the week of (June 15th), providing that final grades have been posted and all financial obligations have been met.


  • Please come prepared for unexpected weather conditions.

Ceremony Processional

The processional will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m.

The order of the processional is:

  • Faculty of the Year (carrying college mace)
  • President and Platform Guests
  • Deans, Faculty and Staff
  • VP of Student Services, two Marshals, and the Graduates
  • Flag Bearers (or TBD)

Remain standing for the posting of the colors and Pledge of Allegiance.

To ensure that the graduation ceremony runs smoothly, only graduates may walk in the processional, sit in the graduate area and walk on stage to accept degrees.

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