Education Department at RRCC

The mission of the RRCC Education Department is to prepare current and future educators to work in diverse settings of K-12, Early Childhood, and adult learning, by integrating the art and science of teaching. This includes knowledge, skills, and disposition in the areas relevant to human development and the educational process. 

Red Rocks Community College offers course work in Education with an emphasis in:

Early Childhood EducationTeacher Education (Teacher Licensure)


Becoming an Early Childhood Education professional:

Every young child deserves a high quality early and education experience. Quality depends on the professional knowledge, skills, and practice of early childhood (EC) professionals. EC professionals work in various types of settings with children from birth to five (5) years of age. Learn more about RRCC's certificate and degree programs in early childhood education here.

Becoming a Teacher Education (K-12) professional:

The need for high-quality educators in our K-12 schools is unending and universal. Teaching is a professional career in which you can be confident you will always have a purpose and make a difference! Learn more about RRCC’s teacher education degrees that lead to Colorado Dept. of Education (CDE) teacher licensure.