Enrollment Management

The focus of the Enrollment Management Team's work is to define and maintain targeted enrollment levels that sustain the College's budget. The goals, objectives, and action tasks have been formulated through the Enrollment Management Team in collaboration with the College community.

The Enrollment Management Team (EMT) provides oversight for the achievement of the goals and objectives in this Plan and will forward recommendations to the RRCC Executive Leadership Team on a regular basis. The EMT, with the support of executive leadership, measures periodic and ongoing progress of the enrollment goals relating to specific strategies and initiatives to ensure that the objectives produce measurable results. These results will be communicated to the college community.

Proactive enrollment planning through the EMT will prepare RRCC for the future by projecting strategies for recruitment and retention that adapt to a changing environment. The basic assumptions on which the enrollment plan is built supports RRCC's identity as a comprehensive, multi-campus, open access community college with a focus on degree/certificate completion and transfer.

The Red Rocks Community College Strategic Enrollment Plan can be read here.