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RRCC COVID-19 Enrollment Appeal Process

The process below is specific for students seeking an Administrative Withdraw with or without tuition credit impacted by COVID-19 and changes to instructional methods for the spring 2020 term. All other Enrollment Appeals will be processed as usual and reviewed by the Enrollment Appeal committee on May 19th.

Appeal Process

  1. Before submitting an appeal, Please Read.
  2. Student completes Enrollment Appeal from the Enrollment Services webpage.
  3. The Enrollment Appeals committee will review the appeal within 3 business days and send a response to the student letting them know if this will be approved, pending or denied.
    a. If pending, students need to be prepared the appeal could still be denied if sufficient documentation is not received by the deadline of June 8th.
    b. It is in the student’s best interest to complete the course if they are able to.
  4. All communication will be sent to the student email account

Documentation for the appeal

Due June 8th (if medical documentation is hard to obtain, this may be extended).

  • Documentation of disability indicating the accommodation cannot be supported by virtual instruction
  • Instructor recommendation (would need to show a passing grade before online instruction began)
  • Medical Documentation Form
  • Technology challenges
    o Email/ticket/ documentation of technology challenge
    o Has no access to compute or Internet to participate in online learning
  • Recommendation of VPI and/or VPSS as appropriate.
  • Provide documentation from instructor an Incomplete is not possible for the course. If the incomplete is not possible because student does not meet minimum grade of C requirement, the request will be denied.

Late Withdrawal Registration After Census Date

Enrollment Appeals Forms

Enrollment Appeals Click Here


Our Mission

The mission of Enrollment Services is to empower students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the process of attaining academic achievement and individual goals in a supportive and student-oriented environment.

Enrollment Services Departments:  Admissions, Assessment, Call Center, Student Records



This form is to be completed if you were dropped or withdrawn from a course and would like to be re-enrolled.  Once submitted, the form will only be valid after a confirmation email is sent from your student email account.  Please be sure to check your RRCC student email account regularly.  

Late Registration - After Census (Drop) Date

This form is to be completed if you are trying to register for a course after the drop date.  Once submitted, the form will only be valid after a confirmation email is sent from your student email account.  Please complete a separate request for each course you are requesting late registration.  

Enrollment Appeals (Tuition Credit)

Please read this policy which is effective March 30, 2020 through the end of the semester.

Red Rocks Community College offers a service (Tuition Credit) to students in unique circumstances who are experiencing something beyond their control that is preventing them from successfully completing their coursework. Tuition Credit is defined as an extension of paid credit hours to a future semester at RRCC (usually no longer than two semesters beyond the current semester).  In order to receive tuition credit, please complete the Enrollment Appeal above.  

The Enrollment Appeals Committee meets once during the semester, and once after the semester to review completed appeals.  The next Enrollment Appeals Committee meeting will be May 19, 2020.  All completed files will be reviewed at that time, and you should receive a response if your appeal is approved, pending, or denied within 10 business days.  Communication regarding appeals will only be sent to RRCC student issued email accounts.  For questions regarding Enrollment Appeals, email Enrollment.Services@rrcc.edu

Visit the Tuition Credit page for full details/conditions and to download the Medical Documentation forms.