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Late Withdrawal Registration After Census Date

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Our Mission

The mission of Enrollment Services is to empower students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the process of attaining academic achievement and individual goals in a supportive and student-oriented environment.

Enrollment Services Departments:  Admissions, Assessment, Call Center, Student Records


Late Withdraw Requests

Late withdraw requests will only be considered for events that occurred which prevented a student from being able to withdraw from the class before on or before the published withdraw date. If the request for a late withdraw is related to medical issues (student or immediate family member), additional documentation will be required.  If extenuating circumstances which prevent a student from completing a class, the student may be eligible to request tuition credit. The completed Late Withdraw Request form is to be submitted to Enrollment Services along with the typed statement and any supporting documentation. Requests will be reviewed and considered by Enrollment Services. Students will be notified of the decision concerning their request by email sent to their college issued student email address.

Late Registration - After Census (Drop) Date

Please use the online Late Registration questionnaire to determine which form must be completed and submitted.

Tuition Credit

Red Rocks Community College offers a service (Tuition Credit) to students in unique circumstances who are experiencing something beyond their control that is preventing them from successfully completing their coursework. Tuition Credit is defined as an extension of paid credit hours to a future semester (usually no longer than two semesters beyond the current semester).  In order to receive tuition credit, please complete the Enrollment Appeal above.  

Visit the Tuition Credit page for full details/conditions and to download the Tuition Credit and Medical Documentation forms.