Foundation Programs

The Red Rocks Community College Foundation supports many programs to further its mission of providing opportunities, offering options, and recognizing excellence. Programs are designed to support RRCC students, faculty, and staff in a variety of ways.

Employee Book Fund

The Red Rocks Employee Book Fund supports the professional and educational development of RRCC employees who are eligible for Employee Tuition Assistance as determined by the college's benefits policy. Qualifying employees may apply for grants up to $50 per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) to cover the cost of textbooks for classes taken at Red Rocks Community College. To request reimbursement submit this form, along with appropriate documentation, to the RRCC Foundation for approval and reimbursement. In all cases, proof of payment (i.e. a bookstore receipt) is required. Click here for the Book Fund Application.

Adjunct Tuition Reimbursement

Adjunct Tuition Reimbursement is provided by the RRCC Foundation in support of Adjunct Faculty working at Red Rocks Community College who wish to extend their knowledge and to enhance their teaching capacity. The Adjunct Tuition Reimbursement Application is always open and can be found HERE.

Dr. Agneta Albinsson Endowment Fund Professional Development Grant

Established in 2013, the purpose of the fund is to support professional development opportunities for individuals teaching in the RRCC science and healthcare programs. The fund was established by Dr. Agneta Albinsson and her husband Mats Wahlstrom to aid RRCC in its ability to attract and retain highly skilled teachers in these important academic areas. Only Full-time Faculty and Adjunct Instructor in Health, Science, and Math are eligible to apply. The application period is open until Monday, May 1st. Applications submitted outside of the application period are disqualified and will not be considered. CLICK HERE for the application.

RRCC Foundation Board of Directors Innovation Challenge Program

The Red Rocks Community College Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that $50,000 has been made available to support Innovation Grant Program Projects for the 2023-2024 academic year. Red Rocks Community College personnel are encouraged to submit proposals that focus on addressing goals and challenges identified in the 2019-2025 RRCC strategic plan. Examples include but are not limited to engaging students in technology and immersive simulation, creating navigational pathways to student success, designing innovative credentialing systems, enhancing data utilization and predictive capacity, and creatively bringing together faculty and staff to create innovative advancements in student success.

All staff, full-time faculty, and part-time instructors are eligible to apply for innovation grants. Collaboration on proposals is encouraged. The application period is open from Monday, February 6, 2023 to Monday, March 20, 2023.

CLICK HERE for the application.

Teaching Chair Program

Student success is directly influenced by faculty excellence. Red Rocks Community College strives to deliver an exceptional educational experience to all students by recruiting, recognizing, and rewarding exceptional faculty. The RRCC Foundation Teaching Chair Program, the only multi-year faculty award in the Colorado Community College System, is a meaningful way of recognizing and awarding outstanding faculty. The Mike Leprino Family and Coors Brewing Company endowed the first two chairs in 2001.

Recipients of a RRCC Teaching Chair Award are selected from full-time faculty following a portfolio review and initial screening by a panel of faculty representatives. The panel then forwards a list of finalists to the RRCC Foundation Board of Directors for final selection. Each recipient is awarded a three-year salary enhancement of $5,000 per year in addition to $2,500 per year for professional development.