Nutrition Courses

Nutrition is an up and coming field of science that affects all of our lives. These courses are designed for the health care practitioner or personal interest to improve your health through mindful eating and diet modification.

Discussions will include:

  • Vitamins and minerals which relate to deficiencies that may cause specific health problems
  • What constitutes a healthy diet and recommendations based on your gender and age
  • Diet and nutrients in relationship to preventing the major health problems of today
  • Analysis of our food supply and its effect on our health

Optimum wellness through diet and lifestyle is the common theme in all of these courses. 

Nutrition Courses Offered at RRCC

HWE 100 - Human Nutrition - 3 credits
Overview of the relationship to nutrition and health problems. Vitamins, minerals gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular, hypertension, immune system and cancer are explored in the causes and prevention of disease. Required course for dietetics and human nutrition degree, four-year nursing degree, fitness and nutrition degree and hospitality degree.

HPR 108 - Dietary Nutrition - 1 credit
Studies the basic nutritional principles in clinical practice involved with the assistance of health care. The course will cover factors which influence the nutritional status of individuals relating t Diabetes, cardiovascular, hypertension, immune system, and cancer. We will look at diet modification and supplement use. This course is required for the 2-year nursing and LPN program. Great quick course for learning about your own nutritional needs.

IHP 240 - Holistic Nutrition/Digestive Health - 3 credits
This course explores normal digestion and impaired digestion and relates this to many health problems of today. Probiotics and prebiotics are explored in relationship to gut health and how this has an affect on our immune system, brain health and overall optimum functioning of our body. Female health, food and environmental allergies, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, and bone health are all explored from a holistic approach. This is one of the elective courses for the Holistic Certificate and a required course for the Wellness Coaching Certificate.