Contact Information

ILEARN Coordinator

Jen Macken
Dean of Enrollment Management
Room 1680

For more information about assessment at RRCC, visit the Office of Planning and Effectiveness webpage.

ILEARN Participants

2016 – 2020

Accessibility Services – Jean Kelly   
Advising – Cynthia Shields, Katherine Sykes, Jeff Parker
Anthropology – Laura Zeeman         
Education – Jenning Prevatte, Janiece Kneppe Walter
Engineering Graphics Technology – Delia Ochoa
Entrepreneurship Center – Donna Armelino
Foreign Language – Meredith Hibit, Brian Yates
History – Chris Howell        
Idea Institute – Liz Cox
Inclusion & Diversity – Jen Macken
Math – Paige Cudworth, Dan Sohl
Theatre & Dance – D-M Barnes, Kelly Jo Eldredge
TRIO Student Support Services – Armando Burciaga

2017 – 2021

Art – Berndt Savig
Arvada Campus Student Services – Gina Jimenez
Business Services – Kathy Kaoudis
Business – Wendy Bird & Roseanne Masters
Call Center – Shavon Garcia
Campus Police – Anthony Schaller
Child Care Innovations – Pat Bolton
Children's Center – Susan Padgett
College Prep Zone – Randy Landis-Eigsti & David Finchem
Communication Lab – Marlene Adzema
Communications – Joanna Liebelt
Computer Technology – Julie Schneider
Construction Technology – Troy Wanek & Larry Snyder
Electrical – Rich Thatcher
English – Kyle Whitecotton & Elyse Marsh
Enrollment Management and Recruitment – Tina Moses
Enrollment Services – Dean Rathe & Jen Broadwater
Facilities – Mark Bana
Financial Aid – Linda Crook
Fine Woodworking – Jeremy Cox & Thom Lapadat
Fire Science – Tim Floyd
Food Services – Kelly McDermott
Foundation – Ron Slinger
EIC - Tim Kjensrud
EMPS – Bob Brown, Robert Vroman, Steven Brown & Louis Hren
Geography – Blake Mayberry
High School Relations – Marilyn Kenfield
Honors Program – Barbra Sobhani
Human Resources – Arnie Oudenhoven
Humanities – Toni Nicholas
Integrative Health Professions - Ellen Speare
Instructional Technology – VACANT
International Student Services and Programs – Linda Yazdani
Law Enforcement Academy – Mark Beluscak
Learning Commons – Randy Landis-Eigsti & David Finchem
Library Services – Nina McHale, Pat Dunn, Julia Havelick, Deirdre Adams-Buckley & Brenna Cox
Medical Imaging – Charlotte Briscoe
Music – Hill Baker
MOT – Linda Pace
Nursing Programs – Jennifer Bresnahan
Outdoor & Physical Education – Sally Cirincione
Physician Assistant – Christa Dobbs & John Witwer
Philosophy – Jonas Mabey,  Marie Feldmeier & James Winter
Planning, Research & Effectiveness – Tim Griffin, Charles Duell, Andy Blowers
Political Science – Soomin Chun-Hess
Psychology – Amy Buckingham & Keith Swain
Rocky Mountain Education Center – Joan Smith
School Age Child Care - Lizz Phelps
Science – Kelly Worden
Service Learning Center – Wendy Bird & Toni Nicholas
Skilled Trades – Troy Wanek
Social Sciences –Merri Mattison
Student Life – Steven Zeeh
Student Outreach and Recruitment – Seidel Moses
Student Recreation Center – Kirk Fallon & Ben Wygant
Veteran Services – Rita Case
Water Quality – Chelsea Campbell

About Red Rocks Community College: We are a two-year college with two beautiful campuses located in Lakewood and Arvada. With the help of our supportive learning community of faculty and staff, we offer flexible online, weekend, self-paced, accelerated and traditional classes that transfer easily to any four-year college in Colorado. RRCC is a community college that provides degrees and certificates for new or returning students, and concurrent enrollment for high school students since 1969.