Assessment Council's Frequently Asked Questions



The Student Learning Assessment Council (Council) is a faculty-led council created to support the ILEARN process.   The Assessment Council uses each program’s assessment information to identify opportunities for institutional improvement.  See the Council’s Charter for more information.


What is a program?

The Council defines a RRCC program as a:
  • ‘prefix’;
  • degree with designation;
  • series of classes that transfer;
  • certificate;
  • series of courses (or a course) in a department.  (See the RRCC Academic Programs web page.)
All require a curriculum map and Student Learning Assessment Plan.


What support is there going to be for this assessment of program learning?  

It is a goal of the Council to encourage professional development opportunities.  By creating reflective practice groups for guided pathway communities, faculty can discuss assessment practices and share resources creating foundations that will encourage continuous improvement while promoting a culture of assessment through inquiry.


How is assessment implemented at RRCC for program review?

  • Through the collection of evidence; 
  • Making evidence-based decisions built on data collected over time;
  • Using direct vs. indirect measurement to continuously improve teaching and learning at RRCC. 
  • See (internal use only) Assessment Council folder on the S Drive for more information.

What is assessment and the process?

The process of observing learning; describing, collecting, recording, scoring, and interpreting information about courses/programs/services undertaken for the purpose of improving the institution, services, programs, and student learning and development.  (As found in the Glossary.)

process map showing the implementation of student learning assessment at the program level