Instructional Design and Innovation Support

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Interested in exploring innovations in teaching and learning? Using a new technology? Redesigning your instructional activities? Instructional Technology is here to help. The staff is knowledgeable in instructional design – the practice of organizing instructional media and content to help learners and faculty transfer knowledge more effectively. We have compiled a number of resources to help as you develop and teach your online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses.

Office Contact Information 

Maine Office: 303.914.6606

Instructional Design Center Support

Jon Johnson - Dean of Digital Learning

Jon Johnson is the Dean of Digital Learning at Red Rocks Community College and has an M.S in Educational Technology.  In his position of Dean,  Jon assists students, instructors, faculty and staff by offering training opportunities in D2L (Desire2Learn) and other learning technologies.    Jon has extensive experience developing online classes, designing and maintaining websites, and providing technical support services to faculty, staff, and students in a higher education setting.  In his spare time he enjoys hiking, gardening, home improvement, spending time with his family, and climbing 14rs.

Jordan Reece- Instructional Designer

Jordan Reece is an Instructional Designer at Red Rocks Community College with a B.A. degree in psychology and a background in digital multimedia. Through the design and development of instructional technology, Jordan works to implement digital learning solutions that are both enriching and equitable to the educational experience at Red Rocks Community College, providing opportunities for compelling online and web-enhanced courses to instructors and students alike. Outside of the office, Jordan enjoys to spend time outdoors camping, hiking, & flyfishing the Colorado Rocky Mountains. When at home, Jordan likes making art, listening to music, gaming online with friends, and cherishing quality time with his family.