Instructional Technology Advisory Committee

The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is a committee chaired by an elected faculty member and the Director of Instructional Technology and eLearning. It provides direction and sets priorities for the use of instructional technologies that support the learning and teaching environments at Red Rocks Community College.

The goal of the committee is to gather and evaluate information about how instructional technology can enhance instruction and make recommendations to Instructional Services on implementation.


This faculty-driven committee will be composed of at least two CTE faculty and two academic faculty with a maximum of 8 faculty.  Dean of Instruction will attend, as will one representative from A/V and a member of computer services.  Committee is chaired by Director of Instructional Technology and eLearning and a committee-elected faculty member.


  1. To develop and oversee direction, strategies, and plans for meaningful and innovative use of technologies which effectively evolve, enable, and support learning and teaching across the college.
  2. To identify opportunities for technological solutions and innovations that are broadly beneficial to multiple disciplines and make recommendations to the President, Vice President of Instruction, Deans, RRCC IT, and AV regarding development, funding, and procedures.


  1. Identify innovative instructional technology tools for Red Rocks Community College.
  2. Develop a common teaching with technology vision for RRCC.       
  3. Provide recommendations for the college-space planning processes regarding instructional technology requirements in classrooms and other learning spaces.
  4. Oversee the identification, selection, adoption, and deployment of major educational technologies for RRCC.
  5. Act as liaison between faculty, administration, and staff to support instructional technology innovation.