Module 7: Concentration and Memory

The ability to concentrate, comprehend, and remember material is critical to success in college. Here are some ways to improve each area:

1. The ability to concentrate when reading, studying, or reviewing for a test is necessary for comprehending college material. The article on Concentration will give you ideas about improving your attentiveness in different settings.

What are at least three ways you can increase your ability to concentrate?

2. How you study the material to be learned is as important as what you are studying. If you don’t already know your learning style, take the following Learning Style Inventory, use the Scoring Guide, and then read How to Use Learning Styles.

What is your particular learning style? How will you now study for exams based on this style?

3. Memorization is often necessary as a part of the learning process.  There are some basic memory principles which are valuable to learn. In the article Memory Principles you will find the concepts you need for this area.

Is there any principle you find most helpful? Why or why not?

4. You will find practical ways to incorporate the memory principles into your college life in the article Memory Principles (practical applications).

Which of the ideas discussed in the article will you use?

5. Read the article to find an informative discussion of the correlation between Nutrition and Memory.

What changes in diet could help your memory?

6. Lastly, you are to make a plan designed to help your concentration and memory. Use the Planning Sheet to help you develop your strategies for the semester.