Learning Skills for Students

Welcome to the learning modules for hidden skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college. Each module contains instructions, concepts and exercises to help you gain awareness of that area and learn how to use the information so you can study more efficiently. Many of these skills are “Life Skills”, which you will find useful beyond the academic setting.

Millions of people who visit New York City each year have walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. It is easy to see how this bridge is such an iconic structure representing NYC. What is really fascinating is the fact the 18,700 lb suspension bridge is supported by bundles of steel wire, with each wire being about the size of a pencil lead. The four main cables are each made up of 5,434 of these small wires. From these small wires comes a well supported and great structure.

The same concept is true for a college education. The successful bundling of basic study skills can result in a great college education experience.  This website is designed to help you with your understanding of the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to succeed at Red Rocks Community College.