Tuition, Expenses, and Financial Aid

Graduate Financial Aid is available for the Class of 2019 (matriculating Fall 2017). Please see

The time constraints and demands of physician assistant education are such that the faculty strongly discourages employment during the Program. Therefore, an applicant should carefully consider his/her financial circumstances in order to develop a plan to obtain the financial resources necessary to complete the Program.

Tuition for RRCC PAP certificate students for the 2017-2018 academic year is $552.15 per credit hour for Colorado residents and $673.85 per credit hour for non-residents. 80 hours of semester credit are required to complete the PAP certificate program. Total tuition and fees for in-state students is approximately $45,000 for the RRCC certificate program and $9,500 for the Masters degree from St. Francis University. Please note: These figures are subject to change without notice. Tuition rates are adjusted by CCCS and St. Francis in June/July of each year.

Tuition for the RRCC PAS Master's degree for the 2017-2019 cohort is $543.80 per credit hour for Colorado residents and $673.85 per credit hour for non-residents. This per credit hour rate will remain unchanged throughout the entirety of the 27-month program. 120 credit hours are required to complete the PAS Master's degree program.  Total tuition and fees for in-state students is $65,256 (additional campus fees apply each semester).

Because PA students are strongly discouraged from working during the Program, applicants must account for the additional housing and living expenses that will be incurred. Other expenses include medical textbooks, equipment, and supplies. The average cost of the required textbooks is $1500. Approximately $1000 will be required for a high-quality stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, oto-ophthalmoscope, and other required equipment. In addition to these costs, students should calculate the expenses associated with transportation to clinical learning experiences (CLEs) and clerkships, some of which will be assigned outside the metropolitan Denver area. Students will require reliable transportation throughout the Program.

Upon acceptance to the PA Program, students will receive further information about the financial aid process. 

Financial Aid Office
For financial aid questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 303.914.6256.


The Red Rocks Community College Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting RRCC in its commitment to students, learning, and excellence. The Foundation offers opportunities for student scholarships. PA students may also consider scholarship and/or loan repayment opportunities through organizations such as the National Health Service Corps, Indian Health Service, or the U.S. Military. The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and the Colorado Academy of Physician Assistants (CAPA) also offer student scholarships.