Private Scholarship Donor Info

Dear Private Scholarship Donors:

Hello, and thank you for your interest in providing a financial opportunity to assist RRCC students in completing their higher education and career goals!

Those wishing to send a general donation to RRCC may contact our RRCC Foundation at 303.914.6308, or email  (Students will then apply via the RRCC Foundation’s annual online scholarship application via Academic Works to be considered for various opportunities.)

If, however, your organization has its own scholarship application process, and selects which particular students will become scholars, you’ve come to the right page.  Read on!

Before requesting to be added to our private scholarships list (link found under "External/Private Scholarships" here), please check to see if your organization is already listed.  If any updates are needed, please notify our Scholarship Coordinator at or 303.914.6674.

If your organization is not listed and you would like to be added, please complete our FormStack request.  The published list is updated monthly.

If your organization has already selected its scholars, and you would like to send funds for an RRCC student, private scholarship checks may be sent to the following address:

RRCC Cashiers Office
13300 West Sixth Avenue, Campus Box 2
Lakewood, CO 80228

Please be sure to include the following information along with the check:

  • The student’s name and their student ID number
  • The term(s) the scholarship should be applied to
  • Any requirements, such as full-time enrollment (12+ credit hours)
  • Your contact info, including name, billing address, email, and phone number
  • In the event the student drops their classes, please indicate whether the funds can be applied toward a future semester or if they should be returned.

On behalf of all RRCC staff, faculty and students, thank you again for your generosity!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Terri Cedillo (she/they)
Advisor/Scholarship Coordinator/SPOC
The Office of Financial Aid at RRCC / 303.914.6674