Visual Arts at Red Rocks Community College

Our Mission

The mission of the Visual Arts Department is to inspire the creative and thoughtful investigation of studio skills, cultivate original ideas, develop critical thinking and encourage a life-long appreciation of the arts. We do this through high quality 2 and 3-dimensional studio classes and research based art history and art appreciation classes. Our department is supportive of the diverse educational and professional needs of students with a wide range of goals.

We offer day, evening, weekend, hybrid and online classes to meet the needs of a variety of students whether they are general studies students, art majors, professional artists or life-long learners. We offer a strong foundation that is ideal for both degree and non-degree students.

A number of our courses are guaranteed to transfer to Colorado state colleges and universities. Our courses also fulfill the core humanities requirements. Classes range from introductory subjects for those who have little or no art background, to advanced classes for those with varying degrees of experience in the arts.

In addition to the many classes we offer the Visual Arts department has a gallery with regularly scheduled exhibitions, visiting artist’s lectures and demonstrations and is embraced by the college as a vital and essential program on campus. The overarching culture at RRCC supports, celebrates and promotes the Arts in an effort to engage the community, build partnerships, foster life-long learning and stimulate the full human experience.

The Visual Arts program offers the following degrees

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  • Art History AA Degree (Designated Degree)
  • Studio Art AA Degree (Designated Degree)

Associate of Arts: Art History
Associate of Arts: Studio Art

In collaboration with Colorado 4-year schools, Colorado has developed a statewide guaranteed transfer program called "gtPathways" to create seamless transfer. Click here for a list of courses that are guaranteed transfer to any Colorado public college or university.

This AA in Art History or Studio Art Designated Degree will transfer seamlessly to Colorado public colleges or universities.

Career Paths / Options in Visual Arts

  • Art Teacher
  • Art Teacher Assistant
  • Ceramicist
  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Fine Artist
  • Gallery Assistant
  • Gallery Director
  • Gallery Owner

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An Associate degree in the Visual Arts lays the foundation for a 4 year degree, and can lead to a career as a self-employed professional artist, a part-time artist, or a freelance artist. Exposure to the visual arts can enhance an individual’s success in any discipline.  Research has shown that involvement in the arts has been linked to improvement in reading, mathematics, critical thinking, cognitive skills, and verbal skills. In addition, the arts contribute to social and emotional development, motivation, concentration and group cooperation.

Additionally, a student who is involved in the Visual Arts will have a deeper appreciation for the great world heritage that is recorded in the arts, our history in the U.S., and the struggles and triumphs of individuals from the past and in the present.


  • Small studio classes provide ample individual instruction in a supportive environment.

  • Flexible scheduling includes day, evening, weekend, online and hybrid classes.

  • Our faculty are professional artists with years of experience teaching and making art.

  • We attract a diverse student body with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

  • Students receive instruction in a variety of skill sets that have a broad application in the visual arts as well as a number of other disciplines.

  • Drawing is taught as a primary skill needed for any discipline involving visual arts, ranging from graphic novels to movies and beyond.

  • 2D and 3D design concepts have applications in any profession that deals with shape, color and space, such as theater, interior design, architectural design, landscaping and more.

  • The Susan K. Arndt Gallery presents annual student and faculty exhibitions as well the work of local and national artists.

  • Visiting artists provide free lectures and demonstrations.

Visual Arts at Red Rocks Community College

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Faculty Fun Fact:

Berndt Savig is an avid backcountry skier who enjoys winter camping at high altitudes here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Deborah Dell (Visual Arts Lead) has lived and traveled throughout the world making her ceramic work overseas and visiting numerous museums, gardens and galleries. While in Denver she is active with yoga, hiking, dance and the art scene in the galleries and museums on the Front Range of Colorado. She has a regular studio practice and strives to push her work in new directions.

Benjamin Rogers works in a variety of mediums but most of his work is made with oil, watercolor, graphite or charcoal.  He is originally from Kentucky, which explains the funny way that he says the word “Drawing”. He has a large movie collection but hasn’t switched to a blue ray player yet. He is an avid baseball enthusiast and trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has been known to make dad jokes on occasion.