Nursing and Breast Milk Expressing Areas

In recognition of the well documented health advantages of breastfeeding for  infants and mothers, Red Rocks Community College provides a supportive environment to enable breastfeeding employees to express their milk during work hours.  Nursing/Breastfeeding is allowed in any area of the college.  For those wishing for more privacy, or a private area to express milk, please see the information below.

College Responsibilities

1.Milk Expression Breaks
Breastfeeding employees are allowed to breastfeed or express milk during work hours using their normal breaks and meal times. For time that may be needed beyond the usual break times, employees may use personal leave or may make up the time as negotiated with their supervisors.

2. A Place to Express Milk
A private room (not a toilet stall or restroom) shall be available for employees to breastfeed or express milk. The room will be private and sanitary, and have an electrical outlet. If employees prefer, they may also breastfeed or express milk in their own private offices, or in other comfortable locations agreed upon in consultation with the employee’s supervisor.

The following rooms are available to breastfeed or express milk:
Lakewood Campus: The key is available in the Human Resources Office.
Arvada Campus: Location information is available at the front desk.

3. Staff Support
Supervisors are responsible for alerting pregnant and breastfeeding employees about the company’s worksite lactation support program, and for negotiating policies and practices that will help facilitate each employee’s infant feeding goals. It is expected that all employees will assist in providing a positive atmosphere of support for breastfeeding employees.

Employee Responsibilities

1. Communication with Supervisors
Employees who wish to express milk during the work period shall keep supervisors informed of their needs so that appropriate accommodations can be made to satisfy the needs of both the employee and the company.

2. Maintenance of Milk Expression Areas
Breastfeeding employees are responsible for keeping milk expression areas clean, using anti-microbial wipes if necessary. Employees are also responsible for keeping the general lactation room clean for the next user. This responsibility extends to both designated milk expression areas, as well as other areas where expressing milk may occur.

3. Use of Break Times to Express Milk
When more than one breastfeeding employee needs to use the designated lactation room, employees can use the sign-in log provided in Human Resources to negotiate milk expression times that are most convenient or best meet their needs.

When an employee needs to use the express milk room, they should communicate this need to their immediate supervisor.  The employee will then proceed to Human Resources, Room 1025, to request the key to the express milk room.  The key will be returned to Human Resources after room use is complete.

If you have additional questions about breastfeeding or expressing milk at work, you may reference the Human Resources Guide below, or contact Human Resources directly.

Human Resources Operational Guideline