Wellness Coaching Certificate

Wellness coaching is an emerging field in healthcare that focuses on empowering clients to make healthy lifestyle changes to optimize their health and wellbeing. Wellness coaches are individuals highly trained in behavior change. Wellness coaches help the client to achieve health physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Many wellness coaches work in corporations that have wellness benefits for their employees, fitness centers, and health clinics.

IHP 107

Stress Management for Health

1 credit

IHP 152

Meditation for Health

1 credit

IHP 158

Introduction to Health Coaching

1 credit

IHP 258

Advanced Integrative Health Coaching

3 credits

IHP 240

Holistic Nutrition / Digestive Healing

3 credits

IHP 108

Journaling towards Wellness

1 credit

IHP 102

Integrative Health Level 1

1 credit

IHP 202

Integrative Health Level 2

2 credits

IHP 289

Integrative Health Capstone

2 credits

IHP 205

Starting an Integrative Practice

2 credits

HWE 100

Human Nutrition

3 credits

HWE 124

Fitness and Wellness

2 credits

  Required Elective Courses 3 credits


Total required courses

25 credits

Required elective courses: select additional courses in HHP/HWE/ PED/ HPR / NUR in consultation for approval of Integrative Health faculty advisor or department chair. (3 credits)

Total credits: 25

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