Alternative Credit Project

Credit to Kickstart Your RRCC Program

American Council on Education - Alternative Credit Project

If you have stopped out of college, the Alternative Credit Project (ACP) provides a pool of online courses that Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) will accept towards your degree (up to 45 ACP credits towards your Associate Degree and up to 50% of the credits required for a certificate). A national program of the American Council on Education, supported by a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ACP is designed to help adults finish what they started — a two- or four-year degree, or a post-secondary certificate.

Even if you're not ready to apply yet, RRCC is here to help. We have academic, financial aid, and faculty advisors who specialize in helping students who have started careers or families to come back to school and finish their education.

RRCC Accepts These Courses

Red Rocks Community College will accept these ACP courses as transfer credits toward your RRCC program.

NOTE: All ACE credit recommendations are eligible for evaluation for credit at RRCC. If you don’t see your course on this list, contact us to learn about our ACE evaluation process and your opportunities for credit.

Provider Course Number Provider Course Title RRCC Course RRCC Course Title Provider Credits
ACPE-0113 Introduction to Financial Accounting ACC 101 Fundamentals of Accounting Saylor 3
ACPE-0086 Accounting I ACC 121 Accounting Principles I Straighterline 4
ACPE-0132 Principles of Accounting 1 ACC 121 Accounting Principles I Ed4Online 4
ACPE-0087 Accounting II ACC 122 Accounting Principles II Pearson 4
ACPE-0133 Principles of Accounting 2 ACC 122 Accounting Principles II Ed4Online 4
ACPE-0117 Managerial Accounting ACC 226 Cost Accounting Ed4Online 3
ACPE-0088 Accounting II ACC 122 Accounting Principles II Straighterline 4
Arts and Humanities          
ACPE-0105*** Introduction to Art History ART 110 Art Appreciation Sophia 3
ACPE-0105*** Introduction to Art History ART 111 and 112 Art History: Ancient/Medieval and
Art History: Renaissance/1900
Sophia 6
*** May use this for either  ART 110 or ART 111 & ART 112 but not all three      
ACPE-0107 Introduction to Business BUS 115 Introduction to Business Saylor 3
ACPE-0108 Introduction to Business BUS 115 Introduction to Business Straighterline 3
ACPE-0097 Business Law BUS 216 Legal Environment of Business Pearson 3
ACPE-0006 Corporate Communication BUS 217 Business Communication/Report Writing Saylor 3
ACPE-0026 English Composition II ENG 122 English Composition II Straighterline 3
ACPE-0006** Corporate Communication COM 105 Career Communication   3
** Earns student both COM 105 and BUS 217      
ACPE-0009 Business Communication COM 105 Career Communication Straighterline 3
Foreign Language          
ACPE-0129 Spanish I SPA 111 Spanish Language I Straighterline 5
ACPE-0130 Spanish II SPA 112 Spanish Language II Straighterline 5
ACPE-0102 Human Resource Management MAN 200 Human Resource Management I Ed4Online 3
ACPE-0104 Human Resource Management MAN 200 Human Resource Management I Pearson 3
ACPE-0120 Organizational Behavior MAN 215 Organizational Behavior Pearson 3
ACPE-0121 Organizational Behavior MAN 215 Organizational Behavior Straighterline 3
ACPE-0122 Principles of Management MAN 226 Principles of Management Pearson 3
ACPE-0123 Principles of Management MAN 226 Principles of Management Saylor 3
ACPE-0124 Principles of Management MAN 226 Principles of Management Straighterline 3
ACPE-0135 Business Management MAN 226 Principles of Management Ed4Online 3
ACPE-0128 Project Management MAN 241 Project Management in Organizations Sophia 3
ACPE-0051 Professional and Career Development MAR 106 Marketing Your Image Ed4Online 3
ACPE-0018 College Algebra MAT 121 College Algebra Straighterline 4
ACPE-0017 Introduction to Statistics MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics Saylor 3
ACPE-0019 Pre Calculus MAT 166 Pre-Calculus Straighterline 5
ACPE-0015 Calculus I MAT 201 Calculus I Saylor 5
ACPE-0040 General Calculus I MAT 201 Calculus I Straighterline 5
ACPE-0041 General Calculus II MAT 202 Calculus II Straighterline 5
Natural & Physical Sciences          
ACPE-0090 Anatomy and Physiology BIO 106 Basic Anatomy and Physiology Pearson 4
ACPE-0038 General Physics PHY 211 Physics: Calculus-Based Straighterline 5
ACPE-0039** General Physics   General Physics Lab Straighterline  
** Requires both ACPE 0038 and ACPE 0039 for credit      
Student Success          
ACPE-0054 Student Success AAA 101 College 101: Student Experience Pearson 1
ACPE-0064 Student Success AAA 109 Advanced Academic Achievement Straighterline 3
ACPE-0003 English Composition I CCR 091 (soft landing) Composition and Reading Lab Pearson 1
ACPE-0016 College Algebra MAT 050 Quantitative Literacy Saylor 3


RRCC Offers These Degrees & Certificates

  • Associate of Arts (AA)
  • Associate of Science (AS)
  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
  • Associate in General Studies (AGS)
  • Certificates

Full list of Certificates & Degrees

RRCC Admission Overview

Red Rocks Community College is committed to providing you with a seamless transition from another college or university including your ACP courses.

Applying for admission as a transfer student is relatively easy. We admit transfer students in any semester. Most students will need to complete an application and supply transcripts for all prior college-level work.

IMPORTANT: You may request your ACP transcript directly from the American Council on Education (ACE). 


Red Rocks Community College is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) and other program accreditations.


Red Rocks Community College has two campuses, located in Lakewood and Arvada.

Services for You at RRCC

Coming back to school has its own challenges, and we have professional staff ready to guide and advise you. For more information, please contact one of the departments below.

A New Lease on Life

"Red Rocks Community College sincerely changed my life. I came to the college shortly after a divorce, with two teenage daughters, no job skills, and no idea what to do.  I instantly had a strong support system of instructors, advisors and career counselors.  I now have a new lease on life with a vision to help women overcome emotional and psychological wounds. I’m pursuing a degree in psychology so I can provide women with equine assisted therapy. I have found a home away from home at RRCC. I’m so grateful to those who’ve been willing to help me succeed in my desire to help others."

- Stacy McElvaney, 2013 RRCC Outstanding Graduate

About Our Students

RRCC students primarily use online classes as a way to pursue a credential that fits in their schedules. In Fall 2013, 1,304 (15.2%) of our students were exclusively online. Of the 1,304, 1,271 (97.5%) were for-credit students taking online classes as degree- or certificate-seeking students.

While the awarded degrees and certificates for 2014-2015 are not finalized, a preliminary figure is 678 Associate Degrees and 1,322 Certificates. Exact stop-out figures for graduates are not available. However, the majority of RRCC students who do graduate require three or more years to do so.

49% of RRCC undergraduate students are older than 25. Survey data indicates that at least 21% had a dependent child and half (50%) indicate that personal or family responsibilities were a barrier at some point in their student career.

About 33% of our students incur some form of student debt. With an increasing number of low income students attending RRCC, another 33% are eligible for Pell Grants. Between the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 academic years, RRCC reduced unsubsidized loans by 59%, a very significant intervention to lower student loan debt.