Nonprofit Pathway Certificate Program

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Introducing the Nonprofit Pathway – a certificate to launch or advance your mission-driven career.

Do you like helping others? Are you passionate about a cause? Do you want to make a difference with your career?  Nonprofit organizations provide meaningful careers for people like you.  

The Nonprofit Pathway at Red Rocks was created in partnership with Community First Foundation to prepare students to build the skills and knowledge needed to become high impact changemakers working in the nonprofit sector.  The Nonprofit Pathway provides coursework, networking and pathways that will help prepare you to launch or advance your career in nonprofit organizations .    

The Nonprofit Pathway Certificate Program 

  • Engages students in building or expanding the skills and knowledge needed in today's nonprofit workforce.
  • Incorporates real-life learning opportunities through community partnerships. 
  • Provides transfer options toward the Bachelor of Public Service at University of Colorado Denver.
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The Nonprofit Pathway Scholarship 

  • Scholarships are non-competitive and available on a first-come, first-served basis for eligible applicants.  
  • Scholarships cover approximately 50% of the cost of Nonprofit Pathway course tuition and fees.
  • Applicants must have been accepted to RRCC and have a RRCC Student # to apply for this scholarship.
  • Applicants must be registered in one or more of the Nonprofit Pathway courses to receive this scholarship.
  • The Nonprofit Pathway Scholarship is powered by Community First Foundation.

Determine your eligibility and apply here

Certificate Overview 

The Nonprofit Pathway is a program of the Business Department. The following courses are required to earn the Nonprofit Pathway certificate.

  • Total certificate 16 credits*
    • Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations (3 credit)
    • Program Design, Evaluation & Decision Making (3 credit)
    • Building Financial Support for Nonprofit Organizations (3 credit)
    • Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations (3 credit)
    • Approved Elective (1 credit)
    • Internships or capstone (3 credit)

*If you do not plan to complete the certificate program, courses can be taken individually as needed to meet your personal or professional goals.


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