Individual Crisis Planning

Your role is to be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself during a crisis.

Red Rocks Community College has forty-seven entrances/exits. You have egress points which allow travel towards safety.

One of the first steps to protecting yourself is notification to a public safety agency through 911. On campus, we have four emergency phones which will connect you directly to the Campus Police dispatch office. Two are located on the first floor, and two are on the second floor.

Situation Guidance


When the Fire Alarm is activated, treat it as a valid fire alert. You must exit the building. Remain outside until notified by an administrator, maintenance member, or campus police personnel. The fire department will arrive, silent the alarm, and give the “OK” to re-enter the building. The fire department will drive down the main walkway to the front entrance to the college ~ please keep this area clear.


In a medical emergency, call 911 from any emergency phone or dial 303.914.6411(Campus Police 911) from an office or cell phone. Stay on the telephone line, respond to the questions by the emergency dispatcher and provide the following: i.e. age and sex of victim, medical issue, location of victim. Do not hang-up the phone until a Campus Police/Security officer arrives. Notify the dispatcher when the police/security officer has arrived and then hang-up the phone.

Workplace Violence:

In an instance of workplace violence, first, protect yourself and then call 911.  Protection can be to hide, exit the building or lock the door.

Print Individual Crisis Planning/Situation Guidance instructions

Remember, together we can make this a safe educational and working environment!