The Career Success Center at Red Rocks Community College looks forward to working with you to meet both your immediate and long-term hiring needs. Our Center’s mission is to assist our students in their employment pursuits, while supporting your recruiting efforts to find top-level talent in order to grow your business.

Post a Position

Career Connect is Red Rocks Community College’s online career network site where employers can post an unlimited number of full-time or part-time positions as well as internships and volunteer opportunities at no cost. Through Career Connect employers are able to conduct resume searches of students and alumni and proactively reach out to potential employees. Create your profile today!

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Additional Employer Services

Informational Tables in High-Traffic Areas (Postponed until further notice due to the cancellation of spring 2020 on-campus classes)
Employers can reserve a table on campus to connect informally with students and talk about their organization and job opportunities.  Click here to request Informational Table 

Employer Information Sessions

Employers can provide formal presentations on campus about their organization and what qualities they look for in employees.

Internships, Job Shadowing, and Informational Interviewing
Offer internships and other student development opportunities to help students gain the knowledge necessary to grow in a professional work setting. Internships can also provide you the chance to assess their skills and growth potential for how they might fit into your organization, while allowing the student to see how they might like working with you in the future.