Equity & Inclusion Council

Red Rocks Community College is thrilled to launch a 5-year partnership with EAB in our Moon Shot for Equity.  In order to best work in alignment and ensure a collaborative and intentional approach to our work, the role served by the Equity & Inclusion Council has shifted to the Moon Shot for Equity Teams.  More information is included below.  If you are interested in joining the Moon Shot project, email jen.macken@rrcc.edu

Best Practice Teams

The core of the Moon Shot framework is the implementation of the 15 best practices for equity as identified by EAB.  We have prioritized four practices for our first year based on our diagnostic results as well as conversations with the Moon Shot Steering Committee and college leadership.  They are:

  1. Audit registration holds and revise policies (Hold Reform)
    Participate in registration hold audit of to eliminate or revise those that are unnecessary, obsolete, or burdensome holds that prevent student progression and completion
  2. Offer retention grants for in-need students (Retention Grants)
    Help students stay in school and on path to graduation by offering retention grants.
  3. Create pathways for transfer students (Transfer Pathways)
    Streamline transfer pathways to ensure a seamless and successful transfer between institutions.
  4. Make student care a coordinated effort (Coordinated Care)
    Create a Coordinated Care Network across offices such as financial aid, career advising, support services, and counseling centers to easily coordinate and collaborate on appropriate next steps for student support.

Best practice teams will come together to collect data, analyze it, make recommendations for changes in our practices, and assist in the implementation and scaling of the improved practices.  These teams are intended to meet over the course of one year, with the goal of putting sustainable changes in place and then turn over monitoring to the guiding teams (see below). If you are interested in participating on any of the best practice teams, please use the interest form and the team lead will be in touch.

Moon Shot Guiding Teams

In addition to the Best Practice Teams, we are looking for individuals to serve on the overarching Moon Shot Guiding Teams.  These teams will serve for the duration of the project (5 years) and provide feedback, thought partnership, and general support to our overall goal of closing equity gaps at RRCC.  In addition to Moon Shot, these teams will collectively serve as an advisory board to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion department at the college.

  1. Equity-Mindedness Development Team
  2. Leadership Development Team
  3. Outcomes Assessment Team
  4. Marketing and Communications Team