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Red Rocks Community College exemplifies extraordinary. We are dedicated to our Vision and Mission, which promote student achievement, staff empowerment, and community engagement. We live our values: Integrity, Collaboration, Learning, Inclusiveness, and Communication.

With an unrivaled reputation grounded in our Values, we stand out as a cutting edge model in higher education. We are one of the first community colleges in the country to offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Our continued pursuit of excellence is instilled in our employees and has inspired a dynamic and passionate culture.



Our core competencies are a true reflection of who we are and what we care about. Our people and our community are at the heart of these values and are what drive us to success. Join our team and be part of something extraordinary.


We pride ourselves on our reputable first-class education. We are deeply dedicated to constantly improving it, enhancing it, and molding it so we can lead our students down a path of success.


Our faculty is incredibly knowledgeable and distinguished in their field. They are exemplary educators and we are thrilled to have them on our team.


We empower our staff to be their very best. This builds a well-informed and passionate work force that further strengthens our organization.


We take the label “community college” very seriously. We see the community as our partner and we engage with them through outreach programs, fun events, and charitable causes.

Full Time Jobs


No Classified openings at this time, please check back later.


Full-Time, Faculty - Nurse Aide Program

Technical Professional

Full-Time, Technical Professional - Child Care Site Manager I

Full-Time, Technical Professional - Child Care Teacher (Toddler/Preschool)

Full-Time, Technical Professional - Early Care & Education Site Coach

Full-Time, Technical Professional - Manager of Student Outreach & Recruitment

Full-Time, Technical Professional - Social Media Specialist

Full-Time, Technical Professional - Student Outreach & Recruitment Specialist

Part Time Jobs

Regular Hourly

Part-time, Variable Hour - Cyber Security Apprenticeship Advisor - Career Services

Part-time, Variable Hour - Zumba Instructor - Human Resources

Part-time, Variable Hour - Group Leader - School Age Child Care


Part-time, Adjunct Instructor - OB-GYN Sonography Instructor - Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Student Jobs

Student Employment - Clerical Assistant II - Advising

Student Employment - Shop Assistant - Fine Woodworking

Student Employment - Clerical Assistant - Cashier's Office

Student Employment - Student Assistant - Learning Commons

Student Employment - Tutoring Lab Assistant - Learning Commons

Student Employment - Recreation Assistant - Arvada Student Recreation

Student Employment - Clerical Assistant - Career Success Center

Student Employment - America Reads Tutor - Career Success Services

Student Employment - Department Assistant - Outdoor Education

Student Employment - Call Center Assistant II - Call Center

Student Employment - Clerical Assistant - Admissions

Student Employment - Clerical Assistant - TRIO SSS

Student Employment - Group Fitness Assistant - Student Recreation

Student Employment - Personal Training Assistant - Student Recreation

Student Employment - Recreation Assistant - Student Recreation

Student Employment - Financial Aid - Financial Aid Assistant III

Student Employment - Student Health Clinic - Clerical Assistant