Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Buildings and Grounds
Title: Use of Facilities
Number: RRPR 16-20 Approved:  February 18, 1992
Effective: February 18, 1992 Revised: January 11, 2005

Reference:  none
Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to establish a set of guidelines for the use of college facilities by internal college groups and the general public.
Scope: This procedure covers all college facilities at the RRCC-Lakewood Campus and RRCC-Arvada Campus.

Definitions: College Facilities refers to any room or space within the confines of the property owned by the State of Colorado at the RRCC-Lakewood Campus and the RRCC-Arvada Campus.


Marketing and Communications is responsible for the scheduling of the following meeting rooms:

Community Room (0650)

Council Conference Room (1527)

Marketing and Communications will also schedule any other college facility or room designated as a classroom for a special event. Classroom scheduling for college courses will be scheduled by Academic Affairs; room scheduling.

Student Life is responsible for scheduling the following meeting rooms for student usage:

Mt. Evans Room (1470) The Great Hall

Green Mountain Room (1466) The Bridge

The Den (1592) Vendor Space

The Nook Free Speech Zone

The Pavilion

The Red Fox Room (1105) will be scheduled by the President’s Office.

The library is responsible for scheduling the Gateway room.


A. Red Rocks Community College, as a State of Colorado agency, complies with all of the SBCCOE policies, directives and State of Colorado Statutes, Fiscal

Rules and other proclamations; therefore, the use of the College facilities cannot conflict with any of these.

As a state community college, Red Rocks Community College makes its facilities available for use by area organizations whenever possible, when not in use for classes or other scheduled college activities. Use will not be denied to any individuals or groups on the basis of their ethnic, political or religious beliefs.

C. Public use of college facilities is furnished as a public service. Use of college facilities for any activity that would interfere or compete with the college’s teaching, administrative or service activities, or that presents a danger to public safety or college property will be denied. If, in the opinion of the college, the group requesting use of college facilities could damage the college’s reputation or public credibility, or interfere with the instructional mission of the college, use will be denied. College facilities will not be used for illegal acts.

D. Red Rocks Community College is a state-supported institution, and the charges for use of the facility are based on recovering the actual costs to the college for facility setup, cleanup and equipment use.

E. There shall be no charge for use of college facilities by college groups and college-sponsored groups. Charges may be waived for governmental groups or not-for-profit organizations that provide bona fide educational activities that would benefit Red Rocks Community College.

F. Room users may not change room assignments without going through the appropriate scheduling offices identified above. Room users are responsible for returning any equipment borrowed and used, and for general cleanup after room use.


The normal priority for use of all non-Student Life space will be on a first-come/first served basis for a reservation period of three months. The college reserves the right to effect reassignments based on the priorities listed below:

1. The first priority for facility use is assigned to the instructional units for all curricular programs.

2. The second priority is assigned to college constituents for educational, cultural, recreational and organizational activities.

3. The third priority is assigned to non-profit groups, political organizations, educational institutions, and any city, state or federal agency providing the group or organization is compatible with the overall educational mission of the college, and not conflicting with any current educational programs.

4. Lowest priority is assigned to commercial enterprises including advertisers and fund raisers who may be permitted to use college facilities, if acting in the public interest of the community.


A. All groups, organizations and individuals that are external to the college and are requesting facility use are required to complete a Facility Usage Request Form with Facility Services. Approvals for facility use require notice of at least one (1) week prior to the event.

B. No group, organization or individual using college facilities and not affiliated with the college will state or imply, by any act or omission, that the college is in any way affiliated with that group or endorses its activities or beliefs. The following statement will be included on any published material advertising an activity held at Red Rocks Community College:

"RRCC is not a sponsor of this event (activity, class, etc.) or endorses any activity of this group."

C. The group, organization or individual must accept the responsibility for, and ensure the payment of, any charges, fees or costs, including any damages or cleanup costs that occur during the use of the scheduled activity. Fees will not be charged to college affiliated groups, organizations or individuals.

D. The group, organization or individual is responsible for any equipment used for the event. No equipment is to be removed from the campus unless specified in the Facility Usage Request Form. Removing equipment from the campus requires prior approval by the Campus Police Department and appropriate forms must be completed.

E. The group, organization or individual is responsible for providing additional security measures if requested to do so by the college to protect those persons who use college facilities. College property must be protected. All those who use RRCC facilities must comply with state and municipal laws.

F. The group, organization or individual using RRCC facilities must protect the reputation of the college as a center of free speech; therefore, the rights of the speaker to be heard and the community to hear the speaker are to be observed.

G. A copy of a Certificate of General Liability Insurance must be submitted prior to the designated event naming the college as the insured party as noted on the Facility Usage Request Form.


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