Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Buildings and Grounds
Title: Campus Postings
Number: RRPR 16-26 Approved:  10/15/1991
Effective: 10/16/1991 Revised: 11/30/2004

Reference:  none
Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to establish a set of guidelines for campus postings throughout college facilities by internal college groups and the general public. 
Scope: This procedure covers public area bulletin boards and all open-posting bulletin boards that are not managed by a specific campus department.

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Definitions: Public Area Bulletin Boards are primarily hallways and common areas. Open-posting Bulletin Boards are used primarily for announcements to the community.


a. Each public area bulletin board located on campus (primarily hallways and common areas) is assigned by the Office of Student Life to an individual, department or group associated with Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) The assignees are responsible for the maintenance, appearance, content and removal of any material for their assigned bulletin boards.

b.  Any bulletin board found to be unused, not maintained, or posting inappropriate material may be reassigned by the Office of Student Life to another individual, department or group, or may be removed and placed in storage.

c. Each bulletin board must include a prominent notice declaring who the board belongs to and where someone wishing to post an item on the board shall go for approval, as well as the phrase "Information on this bulletin board is not necessarily endorsed by Red Rocks Community College." Any unauthorized posting is subject to removal by the designated assignee.

d. Open-posting bulletin boards shall be the responsibility of the Office of Student Life, and may be used by anyone wishing to post a notice on campus. The content of these boards will not be censored by the College unless the content is determined to violate reasonable community standards, but all items will be removed from them by Student Life at the end of each semester.

e. Materials may be posted on designated bulletin boards only.  Items may not be posted on any painted, varnished, masonry or glass surfaces, internal or external. Permission for posting on surfaces other than designated bulletin boards must be obtained from the Office of Student Life, and such items must clearly identify that they are posted with the Office of Student Life’s permission.

f. The College is not responsible for loss or damage of any posted materials.


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