Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Organization
Title: Developing, Revising, Abolishing Procedures
Number: RRPR 2 - 10 Approved:  February 28, 2011
Effective: February 28, 2011 Revised: February 28, 2011

Reference:  none
Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to ensure systematic development, revision, or abolishment of procedures.  RRCC procedures are designed to implement the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Board Policies and System President’s Procedures as defined by the Colorado Community College System.
Scope: This procedure applies to all RRCC’s procedures.  RRCC’s President’s Cabinet is responsible for maintaining, administering and updating all procedures.

Attachment: Procedure Template
Definitions: Procedure – A “step-by-step” explanation of the means by which policies, rules, and regulations are implemented.


  • Ensure RRCC procedures are consistent with Colorado Community College System State Board Policies and System President’s Procedures.
  • Maintain a current listing of all approved RRCC Procedures.
  • Ensure that all employees and reviewing organizations have access to RRCC Procedures upon which to base their discussions, recommendations and/or actions.
  • Involve appropriate College constituencies in developing, revising, or abolishing procedures.
  • Promptly communicate procedure changes to all employees.


Procedures are developed, revised and abolished in the following manner:

  • Any member(s) of the faculty, staff or constituency groups may recommend new procedures or changes to existing procedures. 
  • All recommendations must initially be discussed with a member of President’s Cabinet and a determination must be made as to the appropriateness of proceeding with the recommendation.
  • Recommending employee or his/her Vice President to draft policy.
  • Draft will be submitted to the Director of Human Resources for review.
  • Once approved, the Director of Human Resources will submit procedure to assistant to the president to be emailed to Collaboration Council members.
  • Collaboration Council members will forward all recommendations to be reviewed by appropriate constituencies and their input solicited prior to being forwarded to Collaboration Council.
  • Collaboration Council to review feedback and vote on implementation.
  • Final recommendations must be submitted in writing to a member of President’s Cabinet.
  • All new procedures must be formatted consistent with the attached template.
  • All new procedures and procedure changes must be approved by President’s Cabinet.
  • New procedures are numbered after final approval is made.
  • New procedure is communicated to all staff by assistant to the president and then emailed to Marketing Department for posting on the Human Resources website.


College procedures are accessible on the RRCC Website at  The President’s Assistant is responsible for assigning numbers to all new procedures, informing all staff of new and changed procedures and ensuring procedures are posted to the RRCC Website.  An archival copy of the College’s procedures is maintained by the President’s Assistant.

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