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Employment Practices for Part-Time Instructors

Number: RRPR 3-11 Approved:  October 1, 2009
Effective: October 1, 2009 Revised: August 2009

Purpose: Pursuant to Board Policy, the following procedures are implemented for the selection, development, evaluation, workload and maintenance of employment records of instructors employed by Red Rocks Community College.
Scope: Part-Time Instructors



Definitions: Part-Time Instructors: Those hired to teach on a temporary as-needed basis at an hourly rate within a range established by the Board. Any one such appointment shall be for less than an academic year. Successive appointments may be made on an unlimited basis.  Instructors are subject to the terms of their appointment and have no benefits except those provided by law.   


  1. Personnel will recruit, pre-screen and forward qualified applications to department chairs. All applicant records will be maintained by the Personnel Office.


  1. Every first-time instructor will be strongly encouraged to complete a compensated orientation session before or during his or her first semester of employment at the College. Every four calendar years after initial hire date, each instructor must complete a compensated institutional update.


  1. Full-time faculty will, on a regular basis, provide job-related feedback to part-time instructors, which will include, at a minimum, classroom observations.
  2. The “Student Opinion of Instruction” will be administered to all classes.
  3.  Instruction will manage the distribution and evaluation, Personnel should still maintain the documentation. 


  1. Instructors will not exceed twelve (12) adjusted credit hours per term for fall and spring and 10 adjusted credit hours for summer. Instructors will not exceed 450 work hours per term. Teaching contact hours are calculated toward work hours on a two-to-one basis. Non-teaching hours (all non-teaching activities) are calculated on a one-to-one basis. Adjusted credit hours are calculated by taking the average of credits and contact hours. For example: the number of credit hours plus contact hours divided by two.
  2. Any exceptions to these limits must be authorized in advance by the Vice President of Instruction and are valid for 1 semester only. This authorization must be in writing. It will be maintained in the instructor’s personnel file in the Personnel Office.

This includes work done for ANY Red Rocks’ activity. Part-time Red Rocks Community College instructional employees are allowed to teach (credit and non-credit), facilitate, monitor, assist or be involved in grants and special projects, etc.


  1. The Personnel Office will maintain all employee records.
  2. The Office of the Vice President for Instruction will maintain credential and professional development records.

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