Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: College Personnel
Title: Internship & Independent Study, Full-Time Faculty & Part-Time Instructors and Compensation Schedule
Number: RRPR 3-57 Approved:  April 16, 2007
Effective: April 16, 2007 Revised: March 14, 2007



Purpose: To provide payment guidelines for internship and independent study instruction.
Scope: Part-time instructors engaged with internships or independent study, and full-time faculty providing internships or independent study opportunities on an overload assignment.


BP 3-55 - Faculty Professional Advancement and Salary Plan

SP 3-55 - Faculty Pay Plan

BP 3-56 - Employee Compensation other than Base Salary and Benefits


Internships:  provide students with an opportunity to work in a job that is directly related to their particular field of study, while bridging that important gap between classroom instruction and practical work experience.

Independent Study:  An intensive study and/or research on a topic under the direction of a qualified faculty member.

The following compensation schedule will apply to those employees overseeing internship students and independent study students:

The pay will be calculated at five non-teaching hours at the established non-teaching rate (1/2 the current teaching rate) for each student enrolled in an internship or independent study.

For part-time instructors subject to limits on hours and credits taught and worked per semester, this assignment will be considered non-teaching.

Payment will be awarded when a grade is issued to the student.  It is the responsibility of the employee to request compensation.

Full-time faculty overseeing internship students or independent study students will be compensated in accordance with this procedure, unless it is part of their regular workload.

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