Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: College Personnel
Title: Departmental Leadership Team
Number: RRPR 3-67 Approved: September 25, 2007
Effective: September 25, 2007 Revised: February 15, 2007

Purpose: To develop a structure that enables departments to shape their responsibilities and accountabilities in response to their collective goals and the College's strategic plan.
Scope: Full-Time Faculty, Professional Technical Staff

The department leadership team procedure will outline the following goals:

  • Faculty/Pro-Tech involvement with all areas of the College;

  • Increased integration of part-time instructors into departments;

  • Greater efficiency of departmental operations through broader involvement of department members;

  • Stronger connections with the community;

  • Departmental responsiveness to institutional goals and community needs;

  • Increase student and graduate satisfaction with programs and program outcomes;

  • Departmental compensations are assigned to the departments by the vice president based upon qualitative and quantitative criteria, including FTE; number of part-time instructors; number of prefixes; and other complexity factors.

  • Each department will elect one leader for a two-year term by May 1st of each election year by a majority affirmative vote of the department members and approval by the division dean. Leaders may be chosen from outside the department if there is no majority affirmative vote. A tie or lack of majority affirmative vote will be resolved by the division dean. The 12-month leader cycle is defined as the day after the end of spring semester through the last day of spring semester.

  • The vice president will appropriate additional funds for special projects, e.g.; program innovation and development, based upon an RFP process.


In unusual circumstances, the college president may appoint the Department Leader at their discretion.

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