Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: College Personnel
Title: Emeritus Status
Number: RRPR 3-69 Approved:  April 2, 2007
Effective: April 4, 2007 Revised: February 18, 2014

Reference:  State Board Policy BP 3-10 Administration of Personnel
Purpose: To recognize retired faculty members who made significant contributions to the College while employed.
Scope: This procedure applies to retired RRCC faculty members.

Attachment: Faculty Emeritus Nomination Form
Definitions: Faculty – college employees whose assignment is comprised at least one-half of duties as a teacher, which may include program coordination/ development, and related activities. Counselors and librarians holding faculty contracts prior to July 1, 1995 shall also be covered by this policy. 

Criteria to be used in Determining Eligibility
The following criteria shall be used to determine eligibility for emeritus status:

  • Emeritus status may be granted a faculty member after entering retired status with a minimum of fifteen years full-time service with Red Rocks Community College.
  • Eligible employees include all retired faculty members with full professor rank.
  • Service to the College must be judged exemplary by Faculty Senate and the President. The receipt, by the candidate for emeritus status, of a rating at the “commendable” or “exceeds expectations” level,or better, for a minimum of eight years, as certified by the candidate, shall satisfy this requirement.
  • The individual must have made contributions, which are generally accepted as resulting in a significant contribution, advancement, or positive impact to the College, students, or community. The granting of emeritus status to faculty shall be based on performance in the same general areas considered during evaluations throughout their careers: teaching effectiveness, professional contributions, service and support to the College and its community.

Nominations for Emeritus Status
The Faculty Senate shall initiate an annual request for nominations from the College community for the emeritus status. Nominations are encouraged from any member of the College community who believes that an individual may be qualified. Each nomination ideally should include a list of accomplishments and examples that demonstrate the fulfillment of criteria established for this designation. Faculty Senate will verify, through Human Resources, the individual’s qualifications. Faculty Senate shall then review all qualified nominations and, if suitable candidate(s) are identified, shall make recommendation to the Vice President for Instruction who shall in turn make recommendation to the President. 

Award of Emeritus Status
The President shall award emeritus status, upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate and the Vice President of Instruction.

Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities of an Emeritus Faculty
In addition to any generally available rights and privileges for retired personnel, rights and privileges of emeriti faculty shall include the following:

  • Listing in College catalogs
  • College mailbox, 500 business cards
  • Inclusion as a member of the commencement platform party for the year following appointment. The new emeritus status will be acknowledged during the introduction of the platform party;
  • Receive invitations to participate in College public ceremonies such as academic processions, convocations, and appropriate social functions; and
  • Use of the title of Professor Emeritus, Red Rocks Community College.
  • Serve as an ambassador for the college at mutually agreed upon events within the community
  • Serve as a resource related to his/her professional activities.

Discontinuance of Emeritus Status

Human Resources shall annually contact each emeritus faculty member to determine if he/she desires to continue emeritus status. Human Resources shall terminate emeritus status upon request of the emeritus faculty, failure to respond to the contact within six months, or when it is in the best interests of the College.

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