Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Educational Programs
Title: General Education Requirements for Associate of Applied Science Degrees
Number: RRPR 9-40 Approved:  February 25, 2009
Effective: February 25, 2009 Revised:  

Reference:  Board Policy 9-40 – Associate Degree and Program Designations and Standards
Purpose: To define the general education requirements for an Associate of Applied Science degree granted by Red Rocks Community College
Scope: Applies to all Associate of Applied Science Degrees at Red Rocks Community College



Definitions: General education is defined in BP 9-40 as …”general in several clearly identifiable ways: it is not directly related to a student’s formal technical, vocational or professional preparation; it is a part of every student’s course of study, regardless of his or her area of emphasis; and it is intended to impart common knowledge, intellectual concepts, and attitudes which every educated person should possess.”

Board Policy 9-40 outlines the requirements for an Associate of Applied Science degree including a mandate for fifteen credits of general education course work as defined above.

Red Rocks Community College has further defined this fifteen credit general education component so as to ensure a distribution of credits among at least four of the five components of general education recognized in the GT Pathways definitions. Therefore each AAS degree at RRCC shall include the following:

  1. Three credits in English or Communication numbered 100 or higher
  2. Three credits in Mathematics numbered 100 or higher
  3. Three credits EACH in two of the three areas of 1) Arts and Humanities, 2) Social Sciences, 3) Sciences. These courses must be numbered 100 or higher and come from the prefixes generally recognized in the GT Pathways program.
  4. Three credits in any of the above areas numbered 100 or above. CIS 118 may be used for general education credit in this category.

Individual degree programs may prescribe certain courses to meet the general education portion of their AAS degrees as long as the prescribed courses meet both the distribution and the content requirements outlined above. Programs may also require more than fifteen credits of general education if appropriate to their degrees. 

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice President of Instruction and communicated to the Academic Standards Committee.

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