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Fill Out This Form to Become a Member and be Added to the IDEA Lab D2L!

After filling out the form, students will be added to the IDEA Lab D2L shell. There they should take the safety trainings and quiz in order to use the IDEA Lab.

The IDEA Lab supports students to gain hands-on experience in design, making, technology and engineering.

The IDEA Lab is a makerspace on the Lakewood campus where faculty and students explore, innovate and create. Through real world projects, students develop skills in innovation, teamwork, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Students from all disciplines are welcome to use the IDEA Lab for class projects, club activities, or personal projects.

Prototyping equipment includes 3D printers, CNC mill, laser cutter, soldering station, microcontrollers, podcasting, VR and more.

Bring your ideas to the IDEA Lab and find a community of makers who support each other to apply engineering, design, technology, media, creativity and innovation to solve real world problems. 

The IDEA Lab supports students to:

  • Develop skills in making and rapid prototyping
  • Participate in real world projects
  • Develop an entrepreneurial venture

Benefits to joining the IDEA Lab:

  • Access to design and innovation equipment (tables and whiteboards, woodworking tools, soldering, 3D printing, arduinos, etc.)
  • Priority invitations to participate in IDEA Lab workshops or other events
  • Connections with Red Rocks alumni working in related fields (engineering, computer science, technology, machining, manufacturing, etc.)