Nursing Pathway

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing reports that nurses make up the largest segment of U.S. healthcare professionals, with nearly 4.2 million registered nurses among them. Despite these numbers, the profession faces significant staffing challenges as the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an average of 203,200 openings for registered nurses each year through 2031.

The role of the RN is multifaceted and encompasses care in a variety of areas, including surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics, and rehabilitation. RNs work in hospitals, home health, rehabilitation, hospice, community and public health, schools, camps, clinics, corporate settings and more.

Red Rocks Community College provides the prerequisites necessary for transfer to a nursing program.

Classes include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology

We also provide the nurse aide course, which is an entrance requirement for many nursing programs.

Nursing Pathway

If you are interested in nursing, you may take courses at Red Rocks Community College that will transfer to nursing schools in the area. Admission and prerequisite course requirements vary among nursing programs; therefore, you are encouraged to work closely with an advisor in the college or university offering the program.

To make an individual advising appointment with an advisor, call the Arvada Campus front desk at 303-914-6011. 

Did you know about the Integrated Nursing Pathway (INP) to CU-Denver's Nursing Program?

Red Rocks Community College and the University of Colorado’s College of Nursing offer a unique, integrated pathway to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. The Integrated Nursing Program (INP) provides outstanding preparation for professional nursing practice. Designed to increase access for community college students to a B.S. degree in Nursing, it emphasizes the value of a diverse student population as a way to achieving excellence in practice that is reflective of the cultural diversity of health care recipients. Once you finish your Associate of General Studies here and fulfill prerequisites, you can apply to the nursing program at CU.  Click here to join an informational session on the INP program.

Career Paths / Options in Nursing

Administration-Hospitals and insurance companies often need nurses to work in administration. They are familiar with the terminology and there are plenty of positions for nurses to work in patient services areas.

Health educator-Those with a nursing degree are perfect for health educator positions. Health educators hold classes and workshops to teach the community about health issues that range from flu prevention to healthy eating.

Health writer-Many health magazines, trade publications, blogs, health-related companies, books, and journals are in consistent need of health professionals who can write well. Being familiar with medical terminology and conditions, along with having writing ability, makes for a perfect candidate to become a health writer.

School nurse-For those with a nursing degree who are looking to have their summers off and maintain a kid-friendly work schedule, being a school nurse is an ideal option.

Teaching-Every nursing student is sitting in on a variety of classes, many of which are being taught by those with nursing degrees. Teaching nursing courses is another option for those who have a nursing degree but prefer a non-medical setting.