Strategic Planning

The Office of Planning and Effectiveness supports strategic planning to fulfill the values, mission, and vision of the college. To do this, OPE works with the President, the College Leadership Team, Faculty Senate, College Constituencies, and the College Collaboration Council to assess institutional performance, set strategic directions, and develop annual goals and priorities for the college. 

2024-2028 RRCC Strategic Plan

Previous Stategic Plans

2019-2025 Strategic Plan
2019-2025 Strategic Plan - Executive Summary
2013-2018 RRCC Strategic Plan
2013-2018 RRCC Strategic Plan - Executive Summary
Current RRCC Academic Master Plan
Current RRCC Facilities Master Plan

The RRCC strategic process is aligned with both the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Criteria and the Colorado Community College System Strategic Plan. Our planning efforts also take direction from the Colorado Department of Higher Education Strategic Plan.

To track the progress of our strategic plan see Current Strategic Planning Projects.