Student Clubs


Student clubs allow for further exploration and discovery in both academic and non-academic areas, enabling growth experiences and learning beyond the classroom setting. Meeting a group of peers is vital when in college. Student clubs  pursue special goals that support a variety of common interests and ideas among students


Anime Club
President: Anthony Dineen
Advisor: Rich Myrup

Black and Brown Student Association (BBSA)
President: Vallerie Bustamante-Lazos
Advisor: Bre'una Keeton

Concurrent Enrollment Club
President: Angela Geiger
Advisor: Marilyn Kenfield

Cultural Diversity Club
President: Alamir Alasadi
Advisor: Lorretta Tafoya

Cyber Security Club
President: Chris Sotiros
Advisor: Joe Murdock

Engineering Club
President: Valeri Svaldi
Advisor: Liz Cox

Geology Club
President: Kyle Hanson
Advisor: Elanor Camann

Global Mentors Club
President: Cheng-Yi Ho
Advisor: Emelda Jones

International Club
President: Ana Gazzaneo
Advisor: Emelda Jones

Magic The Gathering Club
President: Jacob Bradeen-Gobel
Advisor: Susan Stafinbil

Organic Garden Club
President: Vacant
Advisor: Loretta Ivory, Deb Kuhl

Political Science Club
President: Kamron Correia
Advisor: Soomin Chun-Hess

Psychology Club
President: Vacant
Advisor: Kyle Kelly

Red Rocks AIGA
President: Samantha Behrens
Advisor: Paul Weinrauch

Southern Poverty Law Center Club
President: Jacob Brackett
Advisor: Stacy Roe

Space Grant Club
President: Christian Amundson
Advisor: Barbra Sobhan

Student Activists for Gender Equality (SAGE)
President: Deanna Bright
Advisor: Fawn Oates

Student Tech Advice
President: Sara Vigil
Advisor: Zerain Martinez

Student Veterans Association
President: Daniel Blackhorse
Advisor: Rita Case

Tea Club
President: Angela Geiger
Advisor: Regina Ayala

Video Game Club
President: Forest Shannon
Advisor: Candace Garrod

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