Student Clubs

 Student clubs allow for further exploration and discovery in both academic and non-academic areas, enabling growth experiences and learning beyond the classroom setting. Meeting a group of peers is vital when in college. Student clubs pursue special goals that support a variety of common interests and ideas among students.

If you are interested in joining a club, complete this form or contact the club leaders directly.

Calendar of Student Club meetings

Active Clubs:

American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA)
President: Mary Brink
Advisor: Paul Weinrauch

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
President: Tom Cherrington
Advisor: Bill Cherrington

Anime Club
President: Mickey Schiefereck
Advisor: Rich Myrup

Cyber Security Club
President: Michael McLoughlin
Advisor: Eric Vahling, Dave Nelson

Cultural Diversity Club
President: Ginger Rose

Esports Club
President: Megan Rogers
Advisors: Jared Rodriguez, Jordan Reese

Foto Klub
President: Ania Poisson
Advisor: Paul Weinrauch

Organic Garden Club
President: Trudi Plimpton
Advisor: Stefan Karg

Pre PA Club
President: Julie Fisher
Advisor: Lynne Albert

Psychology Club
President: Jamie O'Reilly
Advisor: Kyle Kelly

Rainbow Alliance
President: Nico Gambone
Advisor: Jeremy Savage

Space Grant Club
President: Xenen Scott
Advisors: Annie Strange, Lynne Albert

Student Veteran Association
President:Thomas Coates
Advisors: Merri Mattison

Womxn in STEM
Preisdent: Marie Lim
Advisors: Johanna Debrecht

Inactive Clubs

Although these clubs are currently inactive, they can easily be restarted if you are interested.  Contact or the club advisor for more information about restarting a club.

American Sign Language Club
Advisor: Stacy Roe

Christian Fellowship
Advisors: Mark Beluscak, Kathie Morgan

Concurrent Enrollment Club
Advisor: Marilyn Kenfield

Dungeons and Dragons Club
Advisor: Lynette Hoerner

Improv Club
Adivsor: Kelly Jo Eldredge

Rocky Mountain Media
Advisor: Sara Fall

Student Technical Advice Club
Advisor: Zerain Martinez

Student Wellness Club
Advisor: Bre'una Keeton

Water Advocacy Club
Advisor: Summer Waters

Young Adults Club
Advisor: Allen Burch

Red Rocks Community Club Handbook and Attachments

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For general club information or to start a new club, contact: Sara Oviatt