Student Clubs


Student clubs allow for further exploration and discovery in both academic and non-academic areas, enabling growth experiences and learning beyond the classroom setting. Meeting a group of peers is vital when in college. Student clubs  pursue special goals that support a variety of common interests and ideas among students


American Sign Language Club
President: Shannon Walters
Advisor: Stacy Roe

Anime Club
President: Anthony Dineen
Advisor: Rich Myrup

Cybersecurity Club
President: Yoanna Akis
Advisor: Bruno Salvatico

Student Wellness Club
President: Brandy Richey
Advisor: Bre'una Keeton

Video Game Club
President: Forest Shannon
Advisor: Candace Garrod

Water Advocacy Club
President: Greg Ching
Advisor: Summer Waters

Red Rocks Community Club Handbook and Attachments

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For general club information or to start a new club, contact: Sara Oviatt at