Student Clubs

Fall 2020

Student Clubs will be active during Fall 2020.  Meetings primarily be held virtually or practicing social distancing measures.  

Student clubs allow for further exploration and discovery in both academic and non-academic areas, enabling growth experiences and learning beyond the classroom setting. Meeting a group of peers is vital when in college. Student clubs pursue special goals that support a variety of common interests and ideas among students.

If you are interested in joining a club, complete this form or contact the club leaders directly.

Calendar of Student Club meetings


American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA)
President: Kimberly McVay
Advisor: Paul Weinrauch

American Sign Language Club
President: Shannon Walters
Advisor: Stacy Roe

Anime Club
President: Anthony Dineen
Advisor: Rich Myrup

Christian Fellowship
President: Stephanie Howell
Instagram: @rrccchristianfellowship
Advisors: Mark Beluscak, Kathie Morgan

Concurrent Enrollment Club
President: Indiana Kooyman
Advisor: Marilyn Kenfield

Cultural Diversity Club
President: Conrad Obi
Advisor: Loretta Tafoya

Cyber Security Club
President: Charlie Rivas
Advisor: Mary Ann Tillman, Dan Stern

Dungeons and Dragons Club
President: Vincent Castilow
Advisor: Lynette Hoerner

Engineering Club
President: Anton Vandenberge
Advisor: Liz Cox

Improv Club
President: Jason Jestice
Adivsor: Kelly Jo Eldredge

Organic Garden Club
President: Trudi Plimpton
Advisor: Stefan Karg

Pre PA/Pre Medical
President: Andrew Linz
Advisor: Lynne Albert

Psychology Club
President: Chantel Healey
Advisor: Kyle Kelly

Rocky Mountain Media-Inactive Fall 2020
President: Dina Gilmore
Advisor: Sara Fall

Space Grant Club
President: Marieke Spiegleman
Advisor: Barbra Sobhani

Student Technical Advice Club
President: Matthew Adrian
Advisor: Zerain Martinez

Student Veterans Association
President: Jesse Hall
Advisors: Merri Mattison

Student Wellness Club-Inactive Fall 2020
President: Brandy Richey
Advisor: Bre'una Keeton

Video Game Club
President: Anthony Dineen
Advisor: Candace Garrod

Water Advocacy Club
Advisor: Summer Waters

Women in STEM
President: Stacie Barbarick
Advisor: Janet Stomberg

Young Adults Club
President: Tabitha Fritts
Advisor: Allen Burch

Red Rocks Community Club Handbook and Attachments

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For general club information or to start a new club, contact: Sara Oviatt at