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Honors Program DirectorHonors Director, Barbra Sobhani

Barbra Sobhani, Rm 1523
Red Rocks Community College
13300 W. Sixth Ave
Lakewood, CO 80228
Barbra Sobhani has been with Red Rocks Community College since 2002. Prior to being the Honors Director, Barbra was with the Science department teaching physics, astronomy, geology and integrated science. Barbra is also the Affiliate Director for the Colorado Space Grant Consortium at RRCC. The Honors Program has been developed to provide an exceptional experience for RRCC students and Barbra's experience with interdisciplinary instruction and experiential learning has been key in this process. 

Honors faculty listing

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Executive Honors Advisory Board

Dr. John U. Trefny
Dr. Barbara Olds
Dr. Mary Hill
Blaine Dwyer, P.E.
Lesley Dahlkemper
Robert Neukirchner, P.E.
Nona Shipman
Grant Euler
Dr. Pam Jansma

RRCC Honors Advisory Committee

Chelsea Campbell,

Melissa English,

Danea Fidler,

Adam Forland,

Nicole Lacroix,

Jen Macken,

Dorothy Welty,

Toni Nicholas,

Kelly Worden,

Jennifer Hadden,

Katherine Sykes,

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