Cybersecurity Club

Welcome to the Red Rocks Community College Cybersecurity Club Homepage

The 'Cyber Security Club' is made up of RRCC students interested in furthering their knowledge in the technical realm of information, networking and security. Club members have access to a cyber lab learning environment which consists of a server rack equipped with enterprise level components. The environment is isolated from the school network which allows students to create, explore and learn from a hands on approach. The club competes in the RMCCDC (Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition) which takes place once a year and is a good demonstration of our club's knowledge and ability to defend a network. Every student is welcome especially those interested in cyber security, computer technology, network technology, programming and website development. 

What to expect from the Cybersecurity Club

We have many opportunities for students to enhance their skills including: 

  • Industry guest speakers
  • Club carpools to events about hacking, security, networking
  • YouTube learning sessions
  • Hands on experience with hardware/software and network tools/hardware
  • Hands on experience with enterprise class hardware
  • Capture the Flag (CTF) events
  • Invites to professional certification study groups
  • Training for Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense (RMCCDC) and other competitions
  • Relaxed & fun learning environment
  • Sometimes we even have food! 

A few of our former club officers, Jon and Bruno, went to the 2017 NSF CCIC and took second place for creating the 'Cyber Lab' in which our club meets and practices in. For more on that experience click here.

Who can join the Cyber Club?

Anyone! If you have a passion to learn more about all that goes into cyber security and maintaining secure systems, this is the place!

Contact the Cyber Club:

Club Officers:

  • President - Michael Abbondanza
  • Vice President - Marc Fox
  • Treasurer & Secretary - Michael McLoughlin
  • Tech Officer - Zach Thill
  • Events Coordinator - Aaron Heaton
  • Development Officer - Rob Angcay

Photo of student club meeting
Capture the Flag Event

Cybersecurity club holding a CTF event

Students and staff attending 2018 JeffCon

Cybersecurity club students and RRCC staff attending the 2018 JeffCon  event.