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Information about upcoming projects, including bid documents, as well updates on projects that are underway.

Solicitation and Bid Information for Active Projects:

Project No.2020-072M21 Install Fire Sprinkler Lines and Upgrade Fire Alarm System Main Building

RRCC 21-05-DBLS Install Fire Sprinkler_Upgrade Fire Alarm RFP

Note: Mandatory Pre-Submittal Conference and Tour at 10:00, Friday, November 6, 2020
          See RFP for details


RRCC 21-05-DBLS Appendix D attachment 1 of 3

RRCC 21-05-DBLS Appendix D attachment 2 of 3

RRCC 21-05-DBLS Appendix D attachment 3 of 3

Fire Alarm Panel Upgrades

Notice of Award-Alarm Spec-1.pdf

Construction Project Contacts:

Renee Murillo - Procurement Manager - renee.murillo@rrcc.edu - 303.914.6345

Cathy Rock - Project Manager - cathy.rock@rrcc.edu - 303.914.6513

Mark Bana - Facilities Director - mark.bana@rrcc.edu - 303.914.6220