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Information about upcoming projects, including bid documents, as well updates on projects that are underway.

RRCC 23-02-RFQ01

Project Title: Replace East Wing Roof, Lakewood Campus, Ph 1 of 2

Project No: 2023-084M22

Project Description: The design work for this Design-Bid-Build project will be contracted directly with a Roof Consultant firm under the State of Colorado’s Architect/Engineer Agreement SC5.1 (Rev 07/2022), along with the Terms and Conditions SC5.1TC (Rev 07/2022). The work will consist of design for BOTH Phases 1 AND 2. Each phase will be competitively bid and constructed separately (only Phase 1 has been funded to date), therefore two sets of construction bid documents will be required. Stamped drawings and specifications must be submitted to Owner’s third-party code review consultant for review.

RRCC 23-02-RFQ01 Replace East Wing Roof, Lakewood Campus, Phase 1 of 2

SC-SGC Supplimental General Conditions Federal Provisions 2022-07-28

SC 5.1 AE 2022 Final

SC 5.1 TC AE 2022 Final

SLFRF Terms and Conditions 2022-07-28

RRCC 22-06-IFB03

Project Title: Replace Coil and Supply Fan, West End RTU AFB

Project No: 2022-050M21

Project Description: Prime contractor to replace the coil and supply fan in west end RTU AHU-1, including all associated work, per the drawings and specifications. This AFB replaces RRCC 22-01-AFB initially posted in fall of 2021.

RRCC 22-06-IFB03_Replace Coil and Supply Fan, West End RTU AFB

Project Manual Replace Coil and Supply Fan, West End RTU

Construction Drawings Replace Coil and Supply Fan, West End RTU

RRCC 22-05-IFB

Project Title:  Refurbish West Wing Elevator, Lakewood Campus, Ph 1 of 1

Project No:  2019-089M21

Project Description: Prime contractor to modernize one hydraulic passenger/service elevator, per the Elevator Modernization Bid Specifications.  The work includes replacement of the elevator control system, cab upgrades and related work.

Notice of Award_Project 2019-089M21_Refurbish West Wing Elevator

Addendum No. 1_Reburbish West Wing Elevator 4.29.22

RRCC 22-05-IFB_ Refurbish West Wing Elevator_Adverstisement for Bid

Project Manual_Refurbish West Wing Elevator

Information for Bidders_Reburbish West Wing Elevator

RRCC 22-04-DQ-C

Project Name:  Annex 5 and 6 Mobile Classroom Demolition

Project No. C22A0023

Project Description: RRCC intends to demolish two mobile classroom buildings on the Lakewood Campus, 13300 West Sixth Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80228. A demolition contractor will be hired to complete the project and is expected to include the cost of all labor, removal of materials, equipment, cleanup and coordination with RRCC maintenance staff in their bid.

RRCC 22-04-DQ-C_Annex Demo

Bid Form sbp-613_Annex Demo

Bid Bond sbp-614_Annex Demo

Unauthorized Immigrant Form_Annex Demo

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Construction Project Contacts:

Renee Murillo - Procurement Manager - renee.murillo@rrcc.edu - 303.914.6345

Cathy Rock - Project Manager - cathy.rock@rrcc.edu - 303.914.6513

Mark Bana - Facilities Director - mark.bana@rrcc.edu - 303.914.6220